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Posted on Monday, January 22nd, 2007 at 9:16pm CST by cd68c72d

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Beware of these folks and facility! We wouldn't quite say 'don't take your kid there'. For some of you, it may be the only reasonable choice.

However, in the least, ask a lot of questions. If you suspect the worst, it may be just that. In our opinion, we found these folks to be some of the most incompetent and irresponsible group of people making money in the business of 'caring' for children. When we started asking questions about inconsistencies, misrepresentations and what appeared to be outright lies, their responses were defensive, cover up, and more defensive. In our opinion, they don't tell you the truth about the all too often 'accidents' your children get in to. Instead of managing the children you pay them to manage while under their care, they often blame the children for these 'accidents'. In our case, we were given so many excuses as to how bad the other children are who were responsible for our child's accidents. Our gut instinct was, they have folks working at this establishment who could not be gainfully employed at McDonald's. We say so because, even working at McDonald's requires some level of alertness and being aware of one's surroundings, which we have witnessed very little of among the employees at this facility.

When we brought up our many grievances to the owner of the center, her response in essence was 'how dare you!' How dare we make her drive her gas-guzzling Hummer from the comfort of her home where she was watching her daytime soaps to address a potential problem in the business she is running! It is nothing short of chilling to know such a person is in business of caring for children.

We have made formal complaints to the state of GA Department of Early Care and Learning (DECAL) that is currently under investigation.

Please check the website below for any updates and official previous complaints and disciplinary actions against this daycare provider.

Be an informed parent, your child needs and deserves it!


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242bef33, 2010-02-26, 04:37PM CST

With any business that deals with the public in the capacity that a childcare facility does there will inevitably be dissatisfied customers. No one can ever be a substitute for a child's parents.But I have 3 children, and all of them have gone to Color Us Kids from birth to school age. Not once in the 25 yrs of those child's lives that they were attending this facility did I ever feel like the employees or the owners did not have my child's best interests at heart. And unfortunately somtimes accidents did happen. And unfortunately sometimes my children were the cause of such accidents. I dealt with those as a parent should, not by blaming the hardworking people I met during our tenure there. You also make an insult to the people that work at Mcdonald's insinuating they are a lesser person. I would guess YOU probably do not have the intellect or the mental toughness to work at either of these establishments. In closing, it sounds to me like your issues are more with knowing the owner used your money for a Hummer. But while my children attended there they sure seem to have many toys and some really wonderful employees that were also bought and hired with your money.

59fe66dd, 2010-06-27, 09:03PM CDT

It is startling how similar our experience has been with this 'daycare' with our little boy. When we complained, the owner was called, who just rolled in in her Hummer, just to tell us that we complain too much!

'Accidents' are either your own child's or other children's fault. Makes one wonder whether the children are watching themselves throughout the day.

If you care for your children's well being, PLEASE AVOID THIS DAYCARE.

There are many alternatives in the area, which we were oblivious too until the incompetence of these people forced us to start looking around.

We now have a little boy, who waves goodbye calmly when we leave the childcare center he currently attends as opposed crying bloody murder when we left him at Color Us Kids.

cd68c72d, 2010-11-13, 07:25AM CST

I agree wholeheartedly with this complaint. This is a substandard facility filled with substandard people. Consider other facilities in the area, as your options are not limited. There are wonderful people who care for children in a home setting as well.

Don't pay much attention to the commenter above. Guessing from the tone they have assumed in defending the daycare and its owner, I am pretty sure it is one of the employees there or the owner herself.

86923c6e, 2011-05-01, 08:52PM CDT

I have had the same experience at the Color Us Kids in Carrollton. The owner was very ugly to me as well. She doesn't have a very good reputation in Carroll County. Hard to believe she is allowed to take care of children!

Vonnie J., 2014-07-17, 02:11PM CDT

There's two locations in Douglasville, GA. One on 36 Charity Drive, and the other on 2510 Greythorne Commons. Which location are the comments being directed too?

Arlene B., 2014-07-31, 07:29PM CDT

This place is a dump. My daughter suffered several spider bites and ring worm incidences. When you as about them Karen Pepper the owners, flukie, would just brush you off and stop speaking to you. They do not properly feed the children. If your child does not eat what they give them, then they will not make accommodations to at least provide a cereal bar. You arrive at the center and your child has been fasting for hours. All Ms. Pepper says is it's a state approved program. That's her tired story and she gets paid to stick to it. The owner Patricia Thornton 770-241-4300 is combative and doesn't know how to speak to educated adults. She makes accusations which she can't back up and runs out of the building before you can arrive to speak with her. I'll NEVER leave my child at any of the Color Us Kids locations

223182d9, 2015-02-03, 03:01PM CST

funny when i complained about why the kids were not buckled in and seated on the bus, they turned around and told me i need to watch my speed. sounds like a pattern of not taking on the full responsibility that comes along with running a reputable business. i can also confirm the poor quality food my kid was starving every day he came home. also there was a infestation of lice that rivaled a biblical plague.

9a7df538, 2015-06-25, 12:15AM CDT

As a previous employee of the Carrollton center for only 6 weeks, I must say this experience has made me want to NEVER work in another day care. It is very clear that there are some discrimination issues there. The staff and management do not follow state guidelines. They are cursing in front of children, changing them on the tables, leaving kids unattended, etc. The staff and director are also constantly combining 1 year olds with 3 year olds. I'm sorry, but these age groups do not need to mix and I'm sure their parents would not be happy. There is absolutely no communication with management and staff. It is very obvious that management is trying to be friends with certain staff members instead of taking charge. I've had 2 altercations where the other teacher was given warnings and write ups yet I was immediately terminated. I will take responsibilty for my actions but I will not be called out of my name and mistreated especially not in front of the children. Four employees have quit in the past 2 months, this should tell you something about this center. It's definitely not the kids, kids are going to be kids. It's the lack of respect and responsibility. Please DO NOT BRING YOUR KIDS TO THIS CENTER. The kids are not be disciplined but rewarded for bad behavior There is absolutely no respect, unfair treatment and very unprofessional. Also the owner Patty, is very rude and disrespectful.

39d9a667, 2015-12-04, 07:22PM CST

I would not recommend this center . My child has been at the Color Us Kids Walden Park location for 4 years since 6 weeks old. She only stayed because of the caring teachers . During those 4 years, she had maybe 20 teachers and 5 directors . The regional director and owner are not considerate or friendly to parents . My experience is the upper management treats people as unequal . My child was unenrolled by the owner Patricia Thonton due to an incident between myself and the new assistant director . This incident entails me having to look into 4 different classrooms to locate my child. I asked the assistant director ( Sylvia) where my child was . I inquired if the center was beginning to have inconsistent staff once again . I mentioned I would remove my child if that's what was going to happen . Sylvia stated ," that's fine if that's what you want to do." I got frustrated when the assistant walked away while I was talking to her . I was finally able to reach the owner Patricia Thornton via phone to explain my version . The owner stated the assistant was unexperienced,unprofessional ,and should have handled matters differently but my child is no longer allowed to attend that location effective immediately. This incident was a Friday evening. Effective immediately I don't have childcare . I totally disagree with her decision due to the assistant's rudeness , disrespect, and unprofessionalism by walking away while I was talking to her along with rolling her eyes with a smirk on her face. I'm a very involved parent with every aspect of my child's life. I have never been late with any payments in 4 years. I also want communication , learning environment, and consistantancy with staff . I also have never had any altercations with any staff at Color us Kids . I will take this as a learning experience and will not question this incident any longer . Everything happens for a reason

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