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Posted on Sunday, January 21st, 2007 at 10:02am CST by 44be19e4

Company: 1and1 Internet

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I signed up for a hosting program and five free domain names at 1and 1. They offered a 50 percent discount for six months..

I felt very confident in doing so as , 1and 1 offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee as well as a 90 day no questioned asked refund guarantee and their reputation is important to them , so stated and displayed in plain view on their website.

I canceled my account in the first 24 hours , 1and 1 accepted to cancel the account immediately but with an expiry date at the end of one year ? Apparently the terms are that if you accept the discounted offer you are bound to their one year contract and the satisfaction and money back does not apply to you because the 90 days have past ?. They have no reference to anything that says there is a cooling off period to cancel the account ( This period I believe is granted according to law).

They are planning to send me to collections within seven days and they want me to activate my credit card so they can charge the first payment of $59.95 more or less. Does the small print superceed the large print and even if it does is it ethical ? How can this company be permitted to operate as it is doing ? The Better Business Bureau published a report and 1and 1's status is classified as UNSATISFACTORY . I never used their hosting package could not navigate it , they did not send me any bonus deals as I did not want them, they diid not provide Norton Security or anything else , even The Free Domains were immediately blocked and my account was frozen. My company name "PIXLES INC" which is my Intelectual Property right is caught in this mess, it is non functional, as 1and1 took the liberty to render it non functional. ... I CANN has a policy that a domain name cannot be transfered for 60 days and no exceptions.

I am discovering all sorts of items I had missed , for instance the 160 plus domains I registered are automatically renewable without my input at the end of the registration term . and I get billed for it. I think I have disabled the account so this will not happen but I am not certain. I am finding information about having to fax them to cancel accounts and I am not certain what all is involved . My recomendations is really truly BEWARE !

It is a complex arrangement and you may have more than what you think you are bargaining for....


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