1996 Ford Explorer

Posted on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007 at 5:25pm CST by 54ae586e

Company: 1996 Ford Explorer

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I am afraid my 1996 Ford Explorer, which I love, nearly turned into a death trap ...so, beware if you or your loved ones drive this vehicle. Mine is a V-8 XLT model with just over 100,000 miles. The accelerator fixture is apparently attached to a very thin area of framing with two spot welds. One of the welds in my vehicle became compromised but I had no idea until the second one failed and all of a sudden the accelerator was totally useless to me as it dangled near the floor. I was driving at the time and, lucky for me, I wasn't on the highway. If I had been traveling at a high rate of speed the car would have rolled to a stop, I would not have had my brake lights on and would have been rear-ended in the fast lane...a goner for sure! FYI-this car has never been subjected to ANY type of adverse driving conditions that may have caused this to occur...a few bumpy roads along the way but otherwise almost exclusively urban/suburban, city & highway driving. Watch out...better yet get your vehicle checked out. I wrote to Ford and their only concern seems to be whether or not I want to sue them...any lawyers out there? I would participate in a class action suit. It just might spur them to action and save some lives. I wonder if they are still using the same method of attachment for the accelerator fixture?


Phoenix, AZ


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