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Posted on Friday, January 19th, 2007 at 4:43pm CST by d608a547

Product: Replacement Windows

Company: Sears

Category: Building, Construction

I purchased 33 replacement windows in March 2004 for my 30 year old house. At the time my salesman Scott Doyle, assured me that 'Sears stands behind their products,' and that the reason I paid $18,808 for these windows was because they came with a 20 year 'anything' warranty. Parts, labor, installation, anything, and a lifetime parts warranty.

Since the windows have been installed, I have had Sears out here 3 times to fix seemingly minor problems- each time coming through as promised.

Fast forward to the K-Mart merger. Since that time, Sears has been impossible to deal with. I have 4 windows in my house that are leaking, have rain coming in from all sides, won't close or are simply broken.

Here are the facts as of today.

11/4/2006 Called and scheduled appointment.

11/28/2006 Two 18 year old kids came out, measured and took pictures. They were supposed to send a report to Sears.

12/11/2006 Called for status. Surprise! Sears no longer honors its warranty. Now I am responsible for all labor charges, and I MUST use their people. Rescheduled appointment for 1/10/2007.

1/10/2007 - Home all day- no show no call.

1/16/2007 Called for status. Got a deafening, uhhhh on the other line.

1/17/2007 Called and left message for Francena Williams at 336-888-3387. She is supposed to be the manager of warranty relations for Sears.

1/18/2007 Left another message.

1/19/2007 Got phone call from Sears asking if they came out on the 10th, or 18th- not sure when they were supposed to be here. I told them no. Now they can't get back out here until early February.

I am disgusted by the fact that my house is getting destroyed every time it rains, I have a whistle in my living room every time it's windy- and I am heating the outside world because all four of these windows are leaking like a siv.

I don't think I will EVER by ANYTHING from Sears again. This is disgusting that for the amount of money, now that K-Mart bought Sears they won't honor any aspect of this.

I have no choice. I am going to sue, notify the district attorney and consumer board. We'll see what happens.


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