Panasonic 50 projection LCD TV

Posted on Friday, January 19th, 2007 at 2:59pm CST by f913af71

Company: Panasonic 50 projection LCD TV

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We bought a new 50” Panasonic LCD projection (50LCX63) set in March 2005 at

a cost of about $2,200. The set lost video after about 20 months of light

use. The Panasonic tech manual and a tech rep at Panasonic both indicated

the Light Engine, also called the Projection Assembly, had failed and must

be replaced. Panasonic's retail for the part is $1,936 and lists it as an

“inactive part,” meaning Panasonic doesn't carry it. A repair station was

eventually able to get a rebuilt one at about half the sum, but still at a

cost of $1,140 to us – after a little over a year and a half of use!

After much correspondence asking for some relief for the extraordinary

expense of repairing their product, Panasonic did agree to look at our

repair bill and the original invoice but was never heard from again, despite

our various follow-ups.

Given our experience with product reliability and lack of customer service,

when the set next fails we won't replace it with anything by Panasonic.

We'll instead look at the “S” manufacturers: Sharp, Samsung or Sony. From

what we've been told by owners, their products hold up much better.


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