Posted on Thursday, January 18th, 2007 at 1:57pm CST by ead4e16f

Company: LifeLineScreening

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I recently had a set of 3 screening with LifeLineScreening.

I received a conformation E-Mail and Call just before the testing date.

Imagine my surprise when I arrived for the tests, they did not have the testing equipment or one of the machines to do the tests! {they made no phone calls to let those who had paid of this surprise}

After waiting over an hour, I had 2 of the tests done,they were rushing people through like cattle! and they gave me a new appointment for my MAIN test for another place & time. I ended up driving a total of 75 miles total. Then they credited may credit card for $36.00 and recharged it $45.00 because the test were not performed at the same time! I called them on this and was promised a refund, I have since called them 3 more times spending hours on the phone and have yet to receive my $8.37 refund!

My advise: say no way to LifeLineScreening! Life Line Screening

Greg H.


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