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Posted on Thursday, January 18th, 2007 at 7:03pm CST by 4e3ef98f

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As a provider of computer services to over 3000 clients in the Delaware Valley, I regretfully recommended for the purchase of computer related products (via auction).

- The first experience for one of our customers went very well (2 laptops for approximately $1100). The shipper followed the shipping guidelines and the client was elated with the delivered product.

- Another client purchased Salvage Hard Drives and was more than surprised to receive the merchandise in a box that had no packaging whatsoever. This allowed all of the hard drives to bounce around during shipping and rendered them useless for spares or any other purpose. Claim was denied because product was sold ‘As-is’ – this in spite of the fact that the shipper did not comply with the shipping requirements ordered by and the shipper was not held accountable. Customer lost approximately $300.

- A third client, after hearing of the success of the first, won and auction for two laptops totaling approximately $1200. As with the hard drive client, the laptops were shipped in open Staples ‘paper’ boxes with no packing (None, Nada, Zilch !). The flopping around during shipping caused scratches all over both units and one to receive a shattered display (BTW: the shattered display was not noted in the ad). Pictures of the way the laptops were packaged and associated damage were sent to the disputes department at Their reply came a day later and the claim was ‘declined’ because the units were sold as-is (despite the fact that units were not packaged properly and the shipper was not held accountable). The client lost approximately $600. Complained to UPS and the credit card company – UPS requested return of the product for review and in turn, they returned it to This happened 90 days ago and to date, there has been no resolution – took client’s money and has the damaged laptop.

Endless attempts by my clients and by us to reach anyone at that could resolve the above issues have gone unanswered. Their quick “Decline” of disputes wreaks of the methods used by insurance companies to wear down their clients so they just ‘go away’. I regret having recommended to my clients and have since let all know to steer clear of this company and their affiliates (noted on their website).

Mike Maurer

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9f6fbf13, 2009-02-12, 01:10AM CST aka is a seller of returned items. These returned items are broken and useless. out of the boxes. They are items returned, sometimes after 9 months of use, because they are truly broken.

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