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Posted on Thursday, January 18th, 2007 at 3:03pm CST by d453cbc0

Company: DirectTV/ Satellite

Category: Other

A DVR was purchased by my roommate's parents as a Christmas present, I had Direct TV Already. At no point was I notified that a two-year agreement would be enforced until I received my bill. When I received my bill with notification of a two-year agreement I called immediately to rectify the situation and was going to mail the DVR back. I was charged $20 on 03/03/2006 for a receiver recovery fee and was told I am no longer in contract. My roommate, then decided he wanted move out and to keep the DVR and was going to start his own service with a two-year contract. I called Direct TV and notified them that they had a potential customer for this DVR. Direct TV stated that they would not hold me liable for the two-year contract if he started a contract with the same equipment. He told me he has the service under the equipment and a two-year contract. I am now in collections for early termination fee and have no equipment. Direct’s two-year customer agreement is in contract with the said equipment already with my roommate.


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