American Express Rip-Off

Posted on Thursday, January 18th, 2007 at 7:38am CST by 8d07586d

Company: American Express Rip-Off

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I have been battling with American Express for more than a

year now. It all started when I was offered to upgrade from

my "Green Card" to the "Platinum Card". I called in for the

upgrade, but my husband, who was away on business did not do

this. What I did not realize is that this meant we had 2

accounts open, when I presumed that all the transactions

would be upgraded to the new card. I made more than the

minimum payments online. I kept getting bills for outstanding

debts from AMEX. Anyway - I found out that all my payments

were being put toward the gold card and that I still had a

balance on the green card.

I talked to AMEX, and requested to get all the charges

shifted to the new card, and close out the green card. Well,

somehow they decided that all those charges would be due

immediately, even though I have the flexible payment option.

It is more than a year later, and they still have not closed

out the green card. They keep shifting payments due to the

supposed closed out green card, charging me late fees, and

jacking up my interest rate to over 30%. I have talked to

numerous supervisors, and others and the problem was never

solved. I was told various explanations such as they don't

have the capability to switch charges to a different card -

even though that is what they had done.

Among a myriad of other mistakes, AMEX has continued to shift

charges to the new gold card onto the green card, even though

the card is canceled. They have done things like taken the

approximate $3000 off charges on the green card and then also

mistakenly deducted those same charges on the gold card.

When they audit it and find their error, they make the money

due in full, up the interest and deny me access to my card.

Furthermore, when I tried to straighten this out, they told

me that I couldn't do anything because I didn't have

authorization for this card. So, my husband, who has

authorization, called to give me authorization and was told

by them that no one can have authorization because the card

was canceled.

There are a lot more nightmares we have had to endure with

this company that would take me all day to list. The reason,

they state, that the green card keeps appearing is because

there has to be no activity on the card for 4 to 6 months

before it can be closed out. But the only reason there is

any activity is because they keep screwing up and shifting

the bill to this defunct card.

This company has caused my husband and I so much stress and

lost time at work, it is unbelievable. I encourage everyone

I see never - ever - to get one of these cards.

The sad thing about this is that the only reason I decided to

upgrade to the gold card is because I would get "double

reward points". Well, $18,000 later and all I can get for

this is a cheap IPOD! Is that really worth a year of


There is really much more to this nightmare than I can fit in

this note, but suffice to say - I am refinancing my house

with the intention of paying these (*%^#$%& off and will

close out this account (I hope) forever and never deal with

these shysters again.

Jocelyn Totz


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