2000 Saturn LS-2

Posted on Thursday, January 18th, 2007 at 9:41am CST by e62727e5

Company: 2000 Saturn LS-2

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I have owned my Saturn for six years.

In that time;

Blown speaker during the first year.

"Sticky" trunk latch; trunk won't close every time, = dented trunk from the boy at the grocery store repeatedly slamming it trying to get it to latch.

Replaced turn signal / multi-function switch <30000 miles. (Local garage, $250)

Replaced Brakes < 35000 miles

Replaced tail light assembly and some wiring (Local garage after Saturn dealer said it's not the same problem as the recall) $200

Replaced water pump < 40000 miles (Went out on the way to work with no prior warning lights or noise) Local garage, $350

Replaced brakes appx 50000 miles

Replaced Engine Computer <55000 miles (Local garage, appx $1000 + 3 weeks; Saturn kept sending them the wrong part)

Replaced Timing Belt / Gear appx 55000 miles (Saturn dealer, $1200)

Replaced Computer <60000 miles (Saturn dealer, no charge for part... previous one still under warranty.)

Replaced brakes, 10 months after the last brakes.

Replaced Engine (cracked head) Still no final cost... repairs ongoing.

Replaced Heater core, radiator, hoses, thermostat (Damaged due to oil in the coolant from the cracked head) Still no final cost. Saturn says the online reports of continuous problems with cracked heads are about a "different" engine.

New engine started immediately, ran flawlessly for 3 days, then decided not to start any more...

Replace Ignition Control Module (Still no cost; Saturn dealer convinced local garage that the ICM is 'probably OK'; local garage has spent 3 weeks checking everything else.) Dealer says ICM recall does not apply to this engine.

I have changed the oil regularly, I keep it in a garage 90% of the time when I'm home. I have the radiator flushed every 2 years. I armor-all the interior and wash and wax the exterior at least once a month. I take care of my vehicle.

I bought a Saturn because it was "a different kind of car, a different kind of company".

It has been the worst vehicle I have ever owned.

I am writing this simply to blow off some steam. This past weekend, my first grandchild was born. I have been unable to see him, because my Saturn has been in the shop constantly for the past month as a result of the latest round of catastrophic failures. My rental car is for local driving only; I never imagined it would take so much time and money and troubleshooting to fix the Saturn again. I was unable to fly out to see him, because the cost of the rental car is bleeding me of all "extra" income.

So forgive me for whining, but I just didn't feel I should have to pump another $1500 (so far) into this car without letting someone know just how disappointing this vehicle has been since it was new.

Good day


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