Been scammed in iMac purchase by major retailer

Posted on Wednesday, January 17th, 2007 at 12:16pm CST by 93ea155c

Company: Been scammed in iMac purchase by major retailer

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Comp USA store #577, North Olmstead, Oh- retailer for PC's, Mac's

Hello. I am FUMING at this store. We purchased an iMac computer in November. This one was a floor model (demo) and the Apple Rep., Phil, who works in the store assured us that the system had a full manufacturer warranty; the whole bit. We also spent $169.00 for the Apple Care extended warranty plan.

When my fiancee tried to register the system for the Apple Care, the coverage was denied. The reason: Apple has record of this particular iMac having been purchased and registered by another customer as early as January of 2006.

We bought this item as a floor model/demo. The salesman, Phil, made absolutely NO mention that it was a returned item. There is no way that we would have bought this had we known.

The computer is NOT running like it should. I have my own design, graphics and marketing company and I cannot afford to have system downtime. I have lost hundreds and hundreds of dollars in time because of this poorly operating system. No one at Comp USA wants to accept responsibility. Apple can't do anything because the iMac was registered and it has been nearly a year since.

Someone better make this right for me and it better not cost me a dime. I did not have any inclination that this system was USED by anyone other than the retail store itself.

My next steps will be to contact the media, my attorney and every consumer reporting agency possible. I will not be scammed and walked on like this.

I did send the Comp USA corporate offices an e-contact this afternoon. I would hope that they are concerned enough to contact me ASAP. If not, they will hear from my lawyer and possibly Fox 8 news, here in Ohio.

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