Desire to purchase of a 32-inch Olevia LCD television through Circuit City

Posted on Friday, January 12th, 2007 at 10:47am CST by 15869721

Company: Desire to purchase of a 32-inch Olevia LCD television through Circuit City

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On Thursday afternoon, November 23, after viewing the special ‘After Thanksgiving’ circular, I planned on purchasing the 32-inch Olevia LCD television advertised for $499.99. On November 24 I waited in line at the Braintree, MA location only to find that the location had a limited number of televisions. Unable to obtain a voucher to purchase a television and after asking for a raincheck, the sales clerks suggested I check during the day, in the event a few more were released for online purchasing. As luck would have it, around 4:30, I noticed that the television was available online this time for $474.99, a price noted as valid through November 25, if I purchased the item.

Quickly I began to enter my information online when all of a sudden my page refreshed and my information disappeared. Also gone was any reference to the television. When I called Customer Service I was told that the television was not available. They had no idea what I was talking about when I told them that I saw it on the website no more than 10 minutes prior to my call. I then called a few of the local locations; hoping one would be in stock. The Taunton, MA location had two but they were on hold for those customers who had a voucher. They would be able to release them on Saturday if they were not purchased by the close of business on Friday.

At 9:00 Saturday morning I called the Taunton, MA location and the television sets that were in stock on Friday were now sold. Again I checked and found that the televisions were again being offered for $474.99. I called around and found that the Burlington, MA location had three of the 32-inch televisions in stock, but according to the clerk in televisions, the price was now $849.99. I questioned him about the online price being $474.99 and after checking he stated that the Burlington, MA location would be able to match the price but unfortunately they could not hold one aside. Off I drove, some 30 miles, but once I arrived things changed namely the offer to price match.

According to the manager, an error was made with regards to the Saturday morning price and the incorrect price was being pulled from And, even with a copy of the attached document in hand, the manager refused to consider honoring the advertised price. Dissatisfied with the blatant display of false advertising, I asked for a telephone number for the District Manager and was referred to (800) 251-2665. There I was to ask for Oz Engin. Unbeknownst to me, I reached Customer Service and the representative was unable to assist beyond telling me that the item was $849.99. Furthermore, I was not able to speak with a District Manager.

As the 32-inch Olevia LCD television is no longer available I requested Circuit City honor the price quoted online ($474.99) on Friday, November 24, by refunding me 125% of the difference between the Circuit City advertised price and what I paid by going to a local competitor, who advertised the same exact make and model of LCD television.

Several attempts were made to communicate with Circuit City, including their online and telephone customer service areas. As they were unable to coordinate their responses intelligently I was forced to put my complaint in writing and send to the corporate offices. To date I am still awaiting a response.

Mark Titelbaum



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