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Amazon is listed at P.O. Box 81226 in Seattle, Washington 98108 and I

started doing business with them in 1998. I have spent thousands of

dollars with them. When I began ordering in 1998, it was a simple

organization that put their customers first. It is the reason I kept

ordering throughout the years. However, they expanded taking on

Macy's, Home and

Garden, Target, and recently food companies and Alle

Jewelry in Sacramento for more expensive items.

They also have a Marketplace which has caused me a great deal of

problems, as Amazon refuses to take responsibility for my orders.

When I ask "Where are they?", they ask me to email the person with

whom I placed the order. When I did, I never got a return email. I

asked Amazon to help me, and they said they could not. I lost $60.

The firm selling the battery controlled garbage can (Stacks and

Stacks) was no longer their client. In past years, I did buy two

other products from Amazon through Stacks and Stacks, and they were

easily placed and sent to me.

I would like to possibly find a way to see if there have been other

incidents by Amazon customers similar to mine. Have you any

suggestion how I can find out? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank

you. Elaine Wickham in Norristown, Pennsylvania COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_64127#


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