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Posted on Thursday, January 11th, 2007 at 6:04pm CST by 7857cf4e

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I purchased two mattresses on 9/23/06 from Mattress Direct in Louisiana. I was not told there was a no refund policy. In fact, I was told that there was a 45 day return policy.

The mattresses were delivered on 9/29/06.

I went into the store on 9/30/06 to see about swapping out the mattresses. My original mattress was 20 years old. I was in severe pain from sleeping in a hole. The first night of my new mattress and I was sleeping in a much bigger hole. The new mattress causes me as much pain as the old one. I was told there was a no return policy and there was nothing they could do about it.

I called customer service on 9/30/06 and left a message on voice mail.

On 10/1/06 I wrote a letter and mailed it to the owner. On 10/11/06 I received a message from customer service. I tried to call back, but the number was invalid. So, I left a message with the customer service number.

On 10/16/06 I wrote a letter to customer service.

On 10/25/06 I wrote another letter to the owner.

On 10/26/06 I received a call from customer service. She stated that there was a no return policy and that loss prevention manager does a good job explaining the store policy. I told her that is not who sold the mattress and that I would not have paid $2400 for two mattresses if I thought they could not be returned if there was a problem. She said that she would speak to the loss prevention manager and get back to me. I have not heard back from her.

On 11/5/06 I wrote another letter and faxed it to customer service.

I have also filed a complaint on 11/6/06 to the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau said that they didn't respond to them, so they closed the case. I wish that I had looked at the Better Business Bureau first, because there were four other complaints filed, some resolved, some not.

All that I asked for is that Mattress Direct to allow me to swap out the mattresses for something with better support. I was not looking for a refund, just mattresses that I could sleep on.

They denied the request.

I also wrote to Serta, who told me that they could do nothing for me. They did not seem bothered at all that a customer was unhappy with their product.

I also wrote to the finance company and they said they were unable to do anything because they had a no return policy.

Since then, I have learned that the 45 day return policy is something that must be purchased.

I am unhappy with the response of all of the above businesses. If I had truly been told that there was a no return policy, I would not have made the purchase in the first place. The store could have sold the mattresses as floor samples and still have gotten their money out of it, but they chose an unhappy customer instead.

Please be sure to read all small print on anything you sign on big purchases. Don't believe what the sales people tell you. The stores are not looking out for the customer. The customer's word means nothing to them. I also had a friend in the store with me on both occasions who can vouch for what really happened, but still customer service went with what a manager who was not there told them.

I would never purchase anything from this company again and would warn others to be sure that if you buy from them that whatever you purchase, you are certian you will not want to return it.

I feel that there policy is unreasonable.


cd7982d9, 2009-01-21, 08:29PM CST

I have a similiar problem. I paid $2,800

for a mattress with a 30 year warranty.

Within 45 days there was problems with this mattress. I'm not looking for my money back. I want a mattress that is not a factory default. I also wish I would have looked up Mattress Direct and Serta's ratings. Which is an F. I hope this will prevent others from making this mistake.

Kizzy T., 2015-09-17, 08:20AM CDT

I feel your pain because i had the exact problem with a purchase I made a few months ago. I wanted to exchange and I had so much trouble . the manger was nice before the purchase but after the purchase he was non caring and rude to me being unsatisfied with this product. I will never buy from them again. Horrible

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