KMART - KMART - stolen money for gift card sent with no money added on it and will not refund

Posted on Thursday, January 11th, 2007 at 9:04am CST by c6ac0202

Product: gift card

Company: KMART

Category: Stores, Shopping

I purchased a $100.00 gift card for my niece and nephew for Christmas. I ordered it on Dec 22nd and was told it would take 7-10 days to arrive. It finally arrived on Dec 27. When my sister went to take the kids shopping, the card had a zero balance. I called immediately and got the run around. I feel that I have met everyone in Kmart. I ended up in customer service, refunds, 2 gift card call centers in El Paso, Texas and Brentwood, Tennessee. Finally I was transferred to customer support. No results. I did an internet search and found what I thought was a Kmart corporate office and ended up speaking with an operations team member. It is now 01-10th and I have spent 6 hours over 4 different days on this. I am now requesting a refund and am handling matters through my bank. Essentially Kmart has stolen my money and no one is doing a thing about it. I have the receipt, I have the draft from my account, I have the empty gift card #.


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