Bank of America overdraft fraud

Posted on Thursday, January 11th, 2007 at 9:43am CST by 5a688460

Company: Bank of America overdraft fraud

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This morning I logged on to my Bank of America account information to

see a message saying "your transaction could not be completed due to

technical difficulties". The transaction in question was an online

transfer from savings to checking that I had made several days ago. In

the interim, 6 debit purchases had gone through. With those

transactions, I had also been charged close to $200 in overdraft fees.

I called Bank of America who put me on terminal hold. Then I got to

someone who said she could only allow me to have $49 (not sure how she

came up with that) and then promptly transferred me to someone

else…who transferred me to someone else….who told me that the bank

would not credit me anything at all. Perhaps I should have quit while

I was "ahead".

The thing is, they're not done hearing from me. It's their issue, they

need to make it right and until they do I will be more than happy to

bash them to anyone and everyone at every opportunity. I will be

closing my account this weekend.


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51bad878, 2009-06-18, 05:17PM CDT

Today I found out I was charged $700 in overdraft and overdrawn fees. In one day I overdrafted 8 times, mostly with little charges such as a coffee. Instead of making it so my card would decline, I was able to make further purchases until today, 8 days after the first overdraft, my card was finally declined. 19 overdraft charges, and 1 charge for being overdrawn for over a certain period of time. I called Bank of America to get my money back and all they could do was credit me one measly charge back. That's $665 to Bank of America. The icing on the cake, I had well over that amount in my savings the whole time and by the end of all of the charges I was only negative $615. That means I would have had about $85 in my account had they not destroyed me with overdraft fees. I am definitely not giving up on getting my money back. This is outrageous.

e7515bb2, 2009-07-26, 10:14AM CDT

Similar such thing has happened to me, I have been charged for overdraft 10 times in past few days when the card could have been declined. Bank of America made close to 4 Billion Dollars by charging over draft fees.

9689a17f, 2009-09-10, 10:39AM CDT

Ioverdrafted$40 for a ATM withdraw. My account was also 46 cents over. SO altogether $40.46. I was hit with $250.00 of fines. They fined me on 7 overdrafts adding up to about $78.00. I called to say I was only over $40.00 and not $78.00. They could not help me.

They said " you and I would run a bank one way but BOA does it different. We need to come together and demand that BOA plays fair of we close our accounts

on a given day. The gov. can't fix this, it is up to the consumers. Let's close the bank down if they do not correct this!

9502b29e, 2009-10-07, 03:21AM CDT

The word is out that Bank of America is scamming the American public, you deposit your money into their coffers under the guise of government FDIC Insurance, and they steal it from you.

Furthermore they have shown their patriotism by giving preference to the many people residing "illegally" in America!

The irony of this is that when they go belly under, they will be bailed out by the American taxpayers. PATHETIC !!

73f0d04e, 2009-11-10, 04:25PM CST

I agree, bank of america is taking federal money and stealing money from the same people who gave them the money. They are rip-off scammers. We should file another lawsuit or close them down by closing our accounts. I am ready......

0d1fa3c5, 2009-12-31, 09:09PM CST

The problem is this. There policy is to pay the largest draft first in descending order to the smallest draft. They have all kind of excuses why, one of the most popular being, " The larger amounts usually are Loan Payments more specific a Mortgage and were agreed to be paid first by some big committee " . What committee? They say don't know. So its my opinion there computer program is programed this way. If you make a mistake lets say 10 dollars, the first check is large and takes the majority of your funds, all others after are NSF. You could have an unlimited amount of small drafts that could have been covered by your balance. Therefore you have 8 or 10 NSF charges when there should have only been 1. This is Stealing no matter how you put it. I would be glad to pay the fee for legitimate NSF, as long as they clear the check. But you should not have to pay if the funds were there to cover the other drafts. Most people can't keep large bank balances and are living paycheck to paycheck so the banks rack up on these NFS Charges. Heres one better.......

I have over draft protection! The overdraft Protection is applied to the largest draft first. When it could "protect " the many smaller drafts from a NSF charge but, there it is again, stealing from consumers. The Policies where put in force by the banking officials to steal money! Write YOUR Congressman! Complain, Complain AND Complain some more. The Banks are Crooks and something has to be done about them soon! Our future is at stake! Why should a Bank CEO Get a 2 or 3 million dollar bonus to steal from americans? BOA made over 4 BILLION DOLLARS this way? How many banks are there in the U.S.A? Do they all make over $4,000,000,000 dollars a year with these PRACTICES? And the Goverment GAVE THEM A BAIL OUT!!!!!

70cd89af, 2010-04-21, 12:53PM CDT

I had the same problem you guys are discussing and was charged close to $700 in overdraft fees because of this. This is a well known bank of america scam and you can read all about it here:

Anyway, to make a long story short, first of all print out all the charges you are disputing (assuming you can access your account on-line), secondly go to your bank of america banking center and talk to the manager about what happened and ask him (her) to remove the overdraft fees - in more cases then not they will actually do that, after that tell the manager that you want to opt out of overdraft coverage. Opting out of overdraft coverage means that BOA will not authorize a debit card transaction unless their records will indicate that there is enough money available in your account to cover them which means no more BS charges and overdraft fees from them!

Good luck everyone!


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