TSC (The Shopping Channel) located in Ontario, Canada

Posted on Wednesday, January 10th, 2007 at 5:51pm CST by d844788f

Company: TSC (The Shopping Channel) located in Ontario, Canada

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The Shopping Channel (Canada) did it to me again. I had to call them to see why an item on order had not been sent out only to find out that they don’t have any more. I ask them why no-one called to let me know and their excuse again was that “They are sorry and they do not know why I was not called”. In the first incident I had ordered an item through their website. It showed there were quantities available and I am positive there were when I order because I even went back afterwards and saw that the item was still available a few hours later. It was taking a long time for the item to arrive so I went to my account to look and discover that it showed the item was cancelled. I immediately contacted them because I did not cancel the item and wondered what happened because you can only cancel an order by phone. They told me that the item was no longer available and that the system incorrectly showed that there were items when there were really none available. This is not an acceptable excuse. I was extremely disappointed that I could not get the item and by thinking that I was going to get this item, I delayed other purchases. I was mostly pissed off that no-one bothered to notifiy me either by phone, mail or email. I wonder how long this would have taken if I did not take the initiative to look into it myself. I eventually did get the item, 2 months later. They said that the manufacturer had agreed to supply more but I had to call on a certain day (which was almost one month later). When I did call that day they almost told me that there were none available. They tried to tell me that they were doing something special for me by giving it to me at the showstopper price. This showstopper thing is bogus because they never sell the item regularly. I could probably go on about this but I will tell you my second experience.

An item I had ordered as a Christmas gift in December (Elizabeth Grant showstopper 7 piece Biocollasis set) was received damaged. The cap on the Toner was not screwed tight and leaked. I immediately call TSC to let them know and request a replacement for the damaged item. The set was a show stopper and was sold out on the day but the CCR (Customer Care Rep as they like to call them) said that they did have the item and that she was going to put a hold on it for me so that it could be mailed out right away when they got my return. She offered me the option to take a discount but this was a gift and I did not want to give a damage or missing item. I asked if I could only return the damage products as I was doubtful that I could get a replacement in time for Christmas gift giving. The CCR said “no” and I needed to repackage and return the item. The item was being held/flagged for me to avoid delay and would be reshipped when they got may return back. They sent a courier to pick-up but of course they cannot give you a time so if you happen to miss them then there are further delays. The next day I get a label in the mail (UPS service) but I don’t know how to use it. So I call UPS and they tell me that I need to call TSC. They of course said I need to call UPS. I finally get a hold of someone at UPS who helped me to figure out what to do. Now, about 4 days has passed. I finally get the package to a UPS outlet on my own. It’s getting close to Christmas and I’m starting to doubt I will get the item in time for gift giving. I am checking on the TSC site to see if the item has been processed. What I see is that other items I returned via Canada Post 2 days earlier were processed. I called TSC about my UPS item and they said it was received but they can’t give me a date of when it will get sent out. All they tell me is that it will most likely not make it for Christmas delivery. I’m thinking a week after Christmas will be fine so I don’t panic. I just print out a copy of the item and enclose that with my gift. Luckily I had brought other smaller items so that my sister would have something to open. I was excited about getting her the product because I had talked about it before and she was always skeptical about buying without touching. Christmas came and went but still nothing arrived. I thought Canada Post is probably backed up with Christmas parcels. No worried yet. Now it is getting to the second week of Jan so I called them to find out if and when it would be sent out. The CCR tells me the item is not available. What do you mean, not available???? I was told there was one on hold for me. They said it was probably damaged so they could not mail it out. When were they going to tell me? I am really pissed off now. I am in a difficult situation because I had promised that as a gift, actually given them a picture of the item and now I can’t delivery. If they had told me before Christmas, I could have gotten my sister something else. All the Supervisor could do was say sorry and offer me a $10 discount on future shipping. This is not acceptable service. Well you know what they can do with that BIG $10 discount because I WILL NEVER ORDER from them again. I had already ordered a laptop but after I receive that they can forget about ever getting my business again and I intend to tell everyone I know about this. I am eating crow with all the people who tell me not to order from TSC. Especially my brother, who tells me that every time I tell him about something I have ordered from TSC. I guess he knows of other people who have had crappy disappointing experiences. I have now removed TSC from my TV channels. I won’t be tempted to order from them again and if I do I have told all my friends to stop me and remind me of my experience.

Susan Wong


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ffa1dae4, 2009-09-10, 02:03PM CDT

I have been dealing with the shopping channel since they first went on air. I thinks its great. I have purchased T.V.'S to shoes to computors....you name it I have bought it. In all that time I have never had a problem.

I not only have enjoyed the great service but have saved a lot of money and time by purchasing through them.

I am one satisfied customer and for sure I KNOW i am not alone.

b6d20d87, 2009-09-14, 12:38PM CDT

I also have had a problem with The Shopping Channel....

I ordered the automated monthly delivery of the NutriSystem plan on June 25/09. My first months food supply was shipped on July 02/09.

I assumed that, since the program is called "Nutrisystem 'Never the Same' 4 Week Program/Weekends Off" that my food supply would arrive every 4 weeks.


My 2nd shipment was 1.5 weeks late. I phoned twice during that time and expressed concern about the failure of The Shopping Channel to meet its shipment obligations.

I phoned again 1.5 weeks before my 3rd shipment was due to ensure that it would be shipped on time.

I was supposed to begin my 3rd month today and I have no food! I phoned TSC AGAIN and expressed my concerns. I was put on hold while the problem was discussed with a supervisor. I was then told that there wasn't anything TSC could do to get my food supply to me any faster.

I then phoned NutriSystem and the representative I spoke to advised me that The Shopping Channel was not meeting it's obligations to have my food supply delivered on time, each month, as required. He suggested I phone and speak to a supervisor of The Shopping Channel.

My husband then phoned TSC and was advised that the supervisors were all 'in a meeting'!

I'm very disappointed with the customer service provided by TSC and I am appalled with TSC's inability to deliver as stated.

Totally frustrated!


e5de6979, 2009-12-11, 10:45AM CST

I ordered a laptop for my daughter for christmas. It is 13 days before christmas and I had not heard from the TSC. They told me it would take a while so I was not worried but I called today to confirm and was told my order was cancelled. They said they called 3 times to confirm shipping address and twice left messages with 2 kids. I understand that yes they did leave messages but with my children and if anyone has kids - you know they forget to give messages!!.

Anyway they cancelled my order!. They had my credit card info, they had my email address and still cancelled my order because I never called back to confirm shipping address. I have NEVER heard of this type of business. They now cannot get me the item as they do not have anymore. So here I am less than 2 weeks before Christmas with no gift for my daughter.

THIS MAKES ME SOOOOO MAD!!!!. The attitude at the TSC is "so what" "we did call - not our fault" Obviously business must be good when they can cancel orders without informing the recepient!


c94d2bff, 2010-06-27, 03:10PM CDT

I've been trying to deal with the phone operators at company for a long time and it always leads to frustration. My mother suffers from dementia and she often orders the same things multiple times, forgetting that she ordered it in the first place. The phone operators tend to be very good at being her best pal on the phone, until they get caught at the game. I find their practices to be pretty heartless. According to senior action groups and social workers I've spoken with, they are a big problem for a lot of other senior citizens.

912e98b1, 2010-07-26, 10:23AM CDT

I bought a Tony Little Gazelle. I LOVE it but the computer read out does not work It is blank.

I have spent ages trying to find out what to do about it. Help


f7db612f, 2010-08-31, 02:28PM CDT

I to am upset with the shopping channel. They tried to make a fool of me. They sent my parcel a wolfgang puck oven to the wrong place and it was kept for 3 days they then picked it up and gave it to me with missing parts and a ding in it.I phoned and they promised me a new one and then delivered the same one with missing parts and a ding and had the nerve to tell me it was a new one. I paid extra money for shipping as it was a gift needless to say it was too late for the birthday gift and here it sits. I don't even enjoy it as it was such a hassle it made me ill. I have no use for the shopping channel they are not a decent company to deal with and their customer service is a disgrace. I will not deal with them again


3d69fb55, 2010-10-30, 01:27PM CDT

You're not alone in your negative experience with the wonderful Shopping Channel. In summary, don't shop with them, since there are many, many, many other much better places to spend your hard earned money at where you are actually valued as a customer and where the company realizes you are important to their bottom line.

My situation involved returning an item (within their stipulated 30 days time frame) using one of their prepaid postage labels. That was mid-July 2010, but as of mid-September the returned item still has not reached the Shopping Channel.

And despite numerous requests to The Shopping Channel to consider providing the refund for the lost package, they refused and simply kept repeating (over and over and over and over) that it was my fault for not keeping the Tracking Number.

The end result was I was out of luck and out over $100. Because I didn't save the Tracking Number on the returned package, I was told by both Canada Post and The Shopping Channel there was nothing either of them could do to help me, even though someone, somewhere along the line lost the package!

When I asked the Customer Service Agents to speak to a supervisor to reevaluate my issue, the Customer Service Agents always declined and said there wasn't anyone they could transfer me to. The best I could get was transferred to someone called a Floor Supervisor who never returned my voice mail message. I kept phoning back and insisting to speak to someone and finally a message was returned (only after many, many, many requests on my part).

I do quite a bit of online shopping and my experience with the majority of the stores is they will bend over backwards and do whatever it takes, including making exceptions in order to assist and keep their customers (Land's End is the absolute best for service), but not the good ol' Shopping Channel.

When I told them I will never shop with them again and will tell all my friends and family not to as well, they were not at all concerned by this and told me it was my choice.

In addition, many of their products are not what they are marketed as. Many of the people selling their products are people out to make a buck off of products that do not work. In addition, you can often find the products elsewhere at much better prices without the huge markup TSC has to pay their costs. Don't waste your valueable time!

caebc4a3, 2012-03-17, 10:29PM CDT

I never really had a complaint when ordrering smaller items but I have been extremely disgusted at the deception when i ordered some of the larger purchases eg. air conditioner and mattress. The products were discontinued/companies out of business!! Good luck trying to claim a warranty or get customer service. I wish they were little more honest in telling you about what they are selling? Should have known when they use the same "representatives" who are specialists on "several " product. I guess buer beware do your research before purchasing anything from them!!

2c7fc041, 2012-05-29, 01:05PM CDT

Well well, it seems that I am going through the same BS from tsc. I bought a gift for my friend in December ( The ISI Twist'n' sparkle and there was a voluntary recall on it. I shipped it back and it was received on their side and guess what , I am still waiting for my refund. I have called their customer service and was very rudely treated, I emailed to complain and all I got was teh standard template email with my name on top saying they are sorry. I emailed again with info regarding teh tracking number for the return, the date it was received and who signed for it and I was promised that the refund would be completed in 3 business days, since they had not completed it yet. Well, I am still waiting. I am giving them the benefit of the doubt to see if they will answer by tomorrow but I will call the president of the company to express my dissatisfaction with the way I have been treated and the lack of will the customer service has to try to keep paying customers.

Gail P., 2012-10-28, 07:06PM CDT

I have been dealing with TSC almost from the time they came on air.... and have never had a problem with them. Their prices are great and I have bought large items as well as small. Their prices are very reasonable and now you don't have to pay to ship an item back to them. It is so convenient and the hosts/hostesses and models have become like friends to me. I have always been satisfied with the service I have received from TSC.

Sonya M., 2012-12-05, 09:18PM CST

I have been shopping with TSC for about the past 10 years and I have to say it's been mostly smooth sailing. A couple of times I've had to call regarding not having received my refund in the said amount of time, but customer service reps have always been courteous and helpful whenever I've had a problem and tried to fix it with success. I guess my worst experience was when the large amethyst fell out of my ring somewhere in my house during doing laundry, recycling, taking out garbage etc. so I didn't have any idea when it fell out or where it fell out. Fortunately I found it on our den carpet, took it to jeweller to place back in setting AND REINFORCE setting so wouldn't happen again, and when I reported what happened to brand new ring within a few hours of wearing it, TSC said I should have sent it back but now because I'd let a jeweller touch it they wouldn't accept it back! I was sick about it til I found it, 400 dollars down the drain was too much for me. Wonder what would have happened if I returned the ring minus the stone, would I have gotten a refund? I'm thinking not... I think TSC should stand behind whatever they sell regardless of the 30 days..... but I personally am pretty happy with my shopping experience with TSC.

485967bd, 2013-09-23, 01:29PM CDT

Shannon J 2013-09-22

This winter I ordered Sensa to try it. So I did and it didn't really work so they set me another 6 months supply with out me knowing so at the post office I told them to return it to sender. Seems they didn't receive it so I called them to look into the matter but I guess they shugged it off cause they still want there money or they will report me to the collection agency if I don't pay so that the thanks I get for being a customer paying for something I didn't want. So they lost me as a customer thanks guys and gals. Thanks I did like your products so sorry it come to this checks in the mail.

Bonita W., 2014-02-25, 02:31PM CST

I order a Tony Little Gazelle Freestyle Pro Feb.16, 20014

The Money has come off my credit card, I still have not received it.

My customer # is 0050298439 My order # is y2235024

Can you look into this for me.

Thank You

Bonita Webster

Box 406

54 Sandhill RD.

Sundridge ON.

P0A 1Z0

ph. 705 384 7678

Dominique, 2015-03-21, 08:18AM CDT

This has been going on for almost a year. If i order 4 things, they will break it down in 4 and i will have 4 transactions on my credit card. Something like:





Very very annoying!!!!! Stop please!!!!

Plus almost everytime, they will charge, credit, and charge back again!!!!

What's up with that?????

I have been shopping with tsc for over 10 years. Was always very satisfied except for this.

Darryl F., 2016-02-06, 05:26PM CST

I had placed an order for Bose headphones on this site on December 26, 2015 and the website says that it can take up to 15 business days for my to recieve it. I waited for at least 25 days before contacting them and then I was told that the vendor will not have them in stock until Feb 4th. The website said nothing about them not being in stock when I ordered them so I am just a bit ticked off. One thing I noticed is the website says they have 3 in stock and that number has not been changed, oh wait, I pushed refreshed and now it says 1 in stock...Oh look, I pushed refresh again and not it says they have 5 in stock, I brought this up to a rep on Facebook and they said that there is an error on the website and they will remove it from the site..well it's still there today with showing the fact that they do have the headphones in stock, so to me this is misleading as when a buyer sees "only 1 in stock" they will act quickly to buy it.

Anyways I have reached up and expressed my frusteration several of times and never to this date received a apology or reasoning on this issue, I was told that Resolution Associate would be in touch with me and so far no one has contacted me. I just sent a request to see if they could tell me if indeed my item was shipped on the 4th and they couldn't get that information to me..I will never buy from them again.

ee98fc6d, 2016-02-07, 09:05AM CST

)ver 15 yrs of dealing with shopping channel, I had my gripes and TSC could or would not help me. then asked for a supervisor. I only gripe if something is not fair. I have learned what & who to deal withe TSC. although I do hate them when on my 31st day the item breaks and NO< I can't get another or a refund. That really pee's me off.

Throughout the years have learned to deal with them, makes it a lot easier. TSC is not perfect and neither am I. It would not hurt them to give me another which would be good customer service. They don't need to give customer service as they have enough people at their feet to make upper us that don't buy there anymore.

I believe if they gave better customer service we would all be happy. Just have one or two people that pick up the slack to get these little things done we would all be happy. As I get older I am doing more and more of my gifts on line---sometimes 5-6 maths before a birthday or xmas. Of course I can't send it back. Circumstances should go into each return or reject. We pay their people, while they pocket the money. I do believe the rules come from the top. Rogers Communication.

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