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Posted on Monday, January 1st, 2007 at 2:53pm CST by fdd23502

Company: Tristar vacuum

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We owned a cheep Kenmore upright. This sales guy phoned and had a spiel about the Tristar vacuum. We thought for a "prize", which we found difficult to collect on, but we heard him out.

This guy was slick but he made it sound really like a good vacuum, even with a nice demonstration.

I hate sales people, and this guy was good. And he got us to buy one of these little toys of his. What a mistake. HUGE mistake!!!

It is pricey, looks great, does not work nearly as well as our cheep Kenmore. I just tried to clean up needles from a Christmas tree and it just pushes them around and picks up a few at a time.

We have a professional cleaning service come in every 2 weeks and the first week they used it they HATED it. They said it does not pick-up enough (not enough suction) and it keeps pinching his fingers when he puts the tube pieces together. They asked for the cheep Kenmore back as well.

If these people call you, I recommend you hang up. If you think the prize will be good reason to listen, WRONG!! Tell them to go away not come back.

Anyone want to trade a new Tristar for a even reasonable vacuum?

Good luck.



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