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Directv customer service 1-800-531-5000. This complaint is on behalf of senior cititzen whose income is social security. She is legally blind and housebound. I have been helping her with calls she placed with Directv on issues with her billing. She was sold Directv by a local sales representative the Total Premier pkg/NFL Sunday ticket at a rate of $99.99 for both products for a period of 4 months beginning 8/17/07 and was given clear instructions by the sales representative that if she did not cancel the NFL Sunday ticket by the fourth month she would be billed for each service at their regular rates. Directv decided that what was sold to her was incorrect and changed the rate to $69.99 on her bill in the second month and biller her that same rate for the next three months. She placed an initial $200.00 deposit and it was to be credited at $10.00 each month for the next 20 months. This averaged her monthly billing at approximately $78.00 per month. She and I called within the four months specified to cancel the NFL ticket and she wanted the NBA pkg because her husband watches the sports channel. In her fifth month of billing she now has a bill in the amount of $220.00. Directv billed her for the Total Choice premier pkg at $93.32, NFL pkg at 69.99, her recievers in her home (3) at $4.99 each, NBA Pkg $48.95 and applicable sales tax. We called customer service on 1/1/07 approximate time 2:30 p.m. (CST) and initially got Kim (CSR) requesting explanation of bill. She began to explain that the initial bill was billed incorrectly under the Total Choice pkg and they had to make corrections to that billing. Besides that since the package she initially purchased is now over the had to bill her separately for the NFL pkg. I began to ask a series of questions with Ms. Brooks on the phone. I wanted to know how could they bill for the package she purchased at the rate of $99.99 per month for four months and then on the fifth month bill them separately, because we both made the call together to cancel service of the NFL pkg as initially explained by the sales representative who sold her the pkg. Ms. Brooks bill the way we see it should've been billed as follows: Total Choice Premier at $99.99/NBA pkg at $48.95/the receivers at $4.99 (3). Her amount due should've been approximately $146.00. The representative we spoke to told us it would've been approximately $135.00 or more in the fifth billing then go down again. Ms. Brooks agreed to this, but unfortunately this is not what showed upon her bill. The explanation given was not a precise one and we asked for a supervisor. We got a Ms. Chx who states she is a Billing Resolution Representative. From that moment on the conversation took an entirely differenct course. I felt that Ms. Chx(Chicks) was speaking to us as if we had no totally incohorent. It was beginning to annoy me terribly. Ms. Brooks explained to her her circumstances in being legally blind, her limited income and that she could not pay that huge amount of a bill. She asked specifically that if the paid the $135.00 that was told to us in our last conversation and remained in dispute of the balance until we could speak to someone else would her service be terminated. She did not have the money for the $220.00 bill on her income. She wanted to remain a customer but that the television was her constant companion and source of news. The statement made by Ms. Chx really irritated me her response was "NO it would not, since the account was not past due." (quote/unquote). I knew what she was saying however, Ms. Brooks was not clear in Ms. Chx's response. So I interrupted her and told Ms. Chx directly that Ms. Brooks did not understand and she needed to be real clear in answering her question and she responded in the same like manner. Now I was irritated, and I informed Ms. Brooks that what she was stating was that "Yes, they would accept payment of the $135.00, however if after the due date the remaining balance is not paid they will interrupt her service." Ms. Brooks was furious and I was seething at this point. I began to tell Ms. Brooks at this point that she should scale down the services she has. I personally do not subscribe to their sales promotional pkgs because this always occur with the double billing issues. Ms. Brooks agreed but really wanted to maintain the Total Choice Premier pkg because it gave her access to the movie channels. Ms. Chx the proceeded to go into a sales pitch mode and began offering Ms. Brooks other promotional sales pkgs and I instructed her to sop and explaining Ms. Brooks does not understand all of that, she is only concerned that what she has meet her financial restraints. Ms. Chx ignored my request and continued with her sales tactics and I had to ask her on three other occasions to please stop. When she repeatedly continued I instructed Ms. Brooks to not accept another sales response until we could talk to someone else concerning the billing issue. However Ms. Chx continued right on pitching. I then asked her if she had any elderly parents to which she replied yes. I asked if she would want anyone taking advantage of her parents to which she replied NO. I told Ms. Chx at that moment that she was taking advantage of Ms. Brooks that she did not understand those packages and I would report her because of it. How dare she continue, when I clearly asked her to stop. Ms. Chx kept on pitching her sales. When I interrupted her and told Ms. Brooks I would not remain on the line while Ms. Chx continues to take advantage of the fact that she was an elderly person and it was clear Ms. Brook's primary concern was the amount in which her bill would range. Ms. Brooks clearly stated at each sales pitch offer that the amount in which she was selling those pkgs was to high. I discounted the call, but not until I told Ms. Chx she was in violation of sales abuse tactics against Ms. Brooks.

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