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Posted on Thursday, February 8th, 2007 at 11:54am CST by 15b76725

Company: cherryhill triplex

Category: Stores, Shopping


Dear Consumer,

About 2 weeks ago I went online and spoke to some1 one line about my husband and I purchasing a car I told him I was some what skeptical because I have been to several dealerships and I was approved by the current auto lender that I had but everyone that I went to wanted to put me into a car but not what I wanted that was an SUV I explained to them that I owed 9900 in my current loan and that my husband credit he has no credit score but my credit was kinda bad and that the current SUV tat I had was only in my name and that My husband was the only one working but that I recieved income for my daughter on a monthly basis and I also told him that I didnt have a down pmt all I kept hearing was no problem that is not an issue went as far as to speak to the General Credit Manager and he said the same thing SO we went up there and it was a mess and we waisted our time no one new about my application and or status they also asked for 3000 down pmt and they wanted me to get into a car that we didnt want I am psssst off because I see this ad that they have on TV and it says leave your money at home every1 is approved and its all BS how can they get away with this what right do they have to do and say these things and not do what they are promessing some1 has to put a stop to this. I will never recommend this place to anyone


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