Airtel Prepaid - Complaint regarding, Recharge for Prepaid Connection

Posted on Thursday, February 8th, 2007 at 10:40pm CST by fe6c4831

Product: Recharge for Prepaid Connection

Company: Airtel Prepaid

Category: Telecommunications

Dear Customer Care,

I am an Erate Customer, Please answer my query as soonas possible otherwise I will have to take some serious action against the same, as I am writing in this Email ID for the first time seperately getting it from your Website.

I want you to know, that after going through all the other sources of Customer Services like your Call-Centre, writing messages thru Mobile to 121, writing Email to COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_62051#, finally

approaching you, but as usual either getting no responce or will get back to you was the normal answer from your end.

For your information, I got this message for recharge firstly on 31jan'07 which states, "Get talktime worth Rs598 on Rs598 EasyRecharge Top=up. Hurry Recharge your Airtel Prepaid now to avail Full Talktime. Offer valid only till 13eb'07"and again recieved on 03Feb'07 after which I consulted with your Call Centre and Re-charged with the same amount finally on 07feb'07 under Trnsaction of :ID1005906280, for which I recieved the talktime of Rs532.79 May I understand how was this money deducted when I was supossed to get the full talktime. If you can give me clear understanding on this. I'll Appreciate. I do have all the records sent into my Inbox, if you want them.

And if you do not reply for this mail, I will consider this as the normal practice to treat any complaints.

My Mobile No.9810608433

Name is Manoj


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