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Posted on Tuesday, February 6th, 2007 at 9:12pm CST by 62b27ea0

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To Whom It May Concern:

I order a Shorty on line from Virgin Mobil. The phone was shipped to me in a timely manner. When I called to activate the phone, the first young lady was having problems with her headset (which she mentioned she was having all day) and I was disconnected. I called again and got a second lady. She walked me through the steps to activate the phone. However, there was a problem with the phone and it could not be activated. She took my phone number and promised that a technician would call me and walk me through unlocking the phone.

I waited two days and no one called. I called again, and I got another young lady. When I explain what happened to her, she told me no one was going to call because they do not have the ability to make out going calls. Anyway, she walked me through the same steps the second young lady did, to no avail. She told me she would have to transfer me to the return department and they will take care of the replacement and return.


I waited on the line for a very long time, but I eventually got a gentleman. He asked all the same questions I had previously answered. He assured me that this would be taken care of. He even gave me a VMU# (125166893) and told me that FedEx would deliver a new phone on Monday and pick up the old. He asked me to put the phone back in the box and write that # all over the box. I did and even made sure someone was there waiting for FedEx. They never showed. I called FedEx and they had no record of anything being shipped from Virgin Mobile to me.

I decided to give Virgin Mobile USA an extra day, so I waited until Wednesday, November 15. I called and to my great disappointment, a young lady told me the order was never completed (basically no new phone was ever shipped). She transferred me and I got yet another young lady. At first she said the new order was completed and she needed to transfer me to someone else. I asked to speak to a manager. One was not available but a supervisor was. I spoke to someone name Ian (Although I did not get my problem resolve with the many young ladies I spoke to, they were more apologetic about the problem. I did not get the feeling that Ian cared one-way or the other.

I did finally receive a call and a phone. I got the phone activated. However, when I tried to program some numbers into the phone, I realized that there were some 40 plus numbers already in the phone. I was surprised because I order a new phone and expected to receive a new phone.

I called and was told the phone I received was a refurbish phone. I ask why and was told that maybe they did not realized that they were replacing a new phone. How could that be? I had repeated over and over what the problem was. Anyway, I was told someone would call. This is day number three and my struggle with Virgin Mobil USA continues. What ever happen to good customer service?

Did I mention that I had emailed them? Following is their reply:

Thanks for your email -- and for giving us the opportunity to answer your question. We're here to help.

Virgin Mobile values each customer and would never approve of the way you have stated your issue was handled.

Please accept my apologies on behalf of Virgin Mobile that this has occurred. We take this type of feedback very seriously and hope to get to the bottom of this quickly before any other situations with another Virgin Mobile customer arise.

However, issues of this nature, such as returns, are difficult to resolve via email. At your convenience, please feel free to give us a call. Our wonderful advisors can help you out with any problems on your account. We look forward to

hearing from you!

If you have any other questions or would like more info, please feel free to call us at 1-888-322-1122 (or *VM on your Virgin Mobile phone). We'll be delighted to assist you. Hey, they don't call us Virgin Mobile At Your Service

for nothing.


Virgin Mobile At Your Service

Following is my second e-mail to them. I am waiting for a call or a respond.

What must I do and how many phone calls must I make to get this problem resolve once and for all. I ordered, as mentioned in my previous email, a new phone. There was a problem and the phone could not be activated. After going back and forth with your representatives, a phone was FedEx to me. However, I received a used phone with hundreds of phone numbers already program into it (that is adding insult to injury). Why was a refurbish phone shipped to me, when I purchased a new phone and did not get a chance to use it? I was told two day ago that someone would call me and make arrangement to have the refurbish phone returned and get me a new phone. I paid for a new phone. What must I do to get a competent person to fix this problem once and for all? I have called. I have waited on the phone. I got disconnected twice the last time I called. I have emailed. What is it going to take to solve this?



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36fc5967, 2008-03-18, 10:20AM CDT

I have callVirgin mobile sereval times aboutmy phone, it doesn't work. The other day I dropped it.I picked it up it was turing on and off.And now it want turn on.

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