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Posted on Tuesday, February 6th, 2007 at 10:50am CST by c2960542

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I live in Smyrna, Georgia. I signed up for Comcast Triple Play on December 21, 2006 which included cable, internet, and phone service. Cable and internet service works fine, but the phone service and customer support is HORRIFIC!!!! I did not get phone service until January 11, 2007. My service was ported from MCI and I requested the same telephone number be ported. Comcast failed to port the same number and assigned me a new phone number. I called to get that corrected and also noticed that I can only make calls from a digital phone. I have two sets of phones, a digital cordless phone and a clock cordless phone. When I attempt to make calls from the clock phone, I get a long pause then a recorded message that says, "We're sorry, your call cannot be completed at this time, please hang up and try your call again". This problem only occurs when using the clock phone.

Three technicians have been to my home since I got the service installed and the problem has gotten worst!! The first tech said it was the phone, so I bought a identical phone; same problem. I was also getting a stutter tone when picking up other handsets and the tech said it was standard to hear this tone. He was an idiot! I fixed the problem myself by leaving myself a voice mail message, then deleting it. The second tech said that the issue I have with my phones has been a known issue with Comcast for 10 months and it would be too much hassle to fix. If repaired, it may have a ripple affect on neighboring units. On Saturday, February 3, 2007, I noticed I had no dial tone using either of the phones. I requested for a third tech to come out and he said Comcast can't fix the problem because the telephone box is owned by Bellsouth and they would have to get permission from Bellsouth to open the boxes and pair the jack with the main line in the home.

Comcast has issued over $250.00 worth of credit to my account but now I HAVE NO DIAL TONE ON ANY OF THE JACKS IN MY HOME! I can only use the digital phone provided that it is plugged into the Comcast box. And the project manager and technician had the nerve to suggest I purchase another digital phone to compensate for the phone that is not working in one of the rooms. HOW LUDICROUS THIS IS!!! I used these same phones when I was a Bellsouth, MCI, and Earthlink customer and NEVER had this problem.

Comcast representatives DO NOT return your calls even if the call is disconnected. I have had my calls escalated to several supervisors at CDV and they don't call you back either. With persistent calling, I managed to get a hold of a supervisor at Comcast's Northpoint Georgia location who is responsible for ensuring I received credits on my account. I placed a call to Comcast while she was on the line and she heard the representative make sarcastic comments to me and the rep also saying that my service was scheduled to be disconnected. I NEVER made such a request!

I notified the apartment manager of the problem and she is aware of Comcast sloppy customer service. I am contacting the Better Business Bureau and Comcast Executive office before taking legal action.


5b88d91e, 2008-06-20, 08:48PM CDT

how did it go? did ur phone problem get resolved? i hate comcast too! damn service!

d624dc51, 2009-02-16, 08:34AM CST

Thank you for posting your complaint. I also had a problem with my voice mail dial tone. I did what you did and left myself a message and fixed the problem. I hope you are having better luck with your phone system now.

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