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Posted on Tuesday, February 6th, 2007 at 9:08am CST by 1f27426b

Company: 1st Financial Bank

Category: Business, Finances

I am writing this complaint towards 1st Financial Bank, credit card division. I was trying to find the website for this bank because I was sick and tired of mailing the payment, for the low $250 credit limit Visa they sent my 18yr old son, and having them say that from Pa to South Dakota 7-10 days and it was still arriving late. Then, if you want to pay for it over the phone its some outrageous fee, like $14.95 or something like that! One time he came back from visiting his father out of state and had used the card up to like $237 and I mailed them the payment, not the minimum mind you, the whole amount and they claimed it got there late hit me with a late charge and then that supposedly brought me over the limit and then they hit me with a OTL charge. $78 in charges for a card that they are bragging is for college bound kids!!! Are you kidding me, instead of saying well the payment may be one day late, which I don't believe for one minute, but its the whole balance so since we are claiming that we are a bank trying to help college kids on the road to adulthood, lets just maybe let the customer know that it arrived late from where she mailed it so they need to mail it before they did, or go to our website. My other credit card did that and even gives a 3 day grace for mail or holiday holdups after the due date!!! I have the same identical complaints as the consumer who's letter is posted "August 26, 2006" on your first page right now, word for word. This bank has a lot of butt kissing to do to their customers, they really need to send gift cards or raise credit limits or skip a payment options, all things that Chase, Capital One and Aspire all do just because they do appreciate their customers. My one credit card no longer charges me an annual fee, for having the card for 5 yrs and I had some late payments with them when my husband was hospitalized and they even asked if I need to skip a payment! 1st Financial Bank, stop trying to take advantage of these struggling college kids that really believe you are on their side, and stop harassing the parents like they are trying to get over on their pathetic little credit card when we are just trying to pay our children's bills because they are in college and only work full time in the summer and on breaks and part time every other time! YOU NEED TO APPRECIATE YOUR CUSTOMERS!!!


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a7b4b523, 2008-11-14, 12:04PM CST

Rip off!!Sigh up and they give you fees, and have no crediton your card.All you get is intrest!!Never used the card and now have a balance of 900.00.Just fees!! Now we a re being sued, and never used the card!!

de45e1c7, 2010-08-04, 06:09PM CDT

After I have had 1st Financial Bank USA's credit card for 6 years, I decided to close the account in 2005 and just focus on paying off the balance. As I attempted to pay off my balance, they have jacked up my interest rate so badly over the years (and the reps are so stubborn on the phone) that owing them anything is like owing money to satan. You must avoid 1st Financial Bank USA at all costs! Stay away from them, believe me! I have now been with these people for 11 years and they have become a problematic company.

6810cf23, 2010-11-23, 09:57PM CST

I have had some of the same problems. I am a college student and this was my first credit card. I didn't have any problems earlier with my card, but this year I have been hit with a fee that I have never seen. I mailed in the full bill almost 3 weeks ahead of time and got the bill the next month with a late fee? WHat the hell is that? THey claimed they received the bill 3 days late. When I had mailed it almost 3 weeks BEFORE the DUE DATE! I am getting fed up with this scam of a bank company. I am calling tomorrow to close to account. THey have no organization and customer satisfaction is going down the drain as I see from other complaints. I hope that they end up closing themselves from the negative feedback.

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