Posted on Monday, February 5th, 2007 at 7:40pm CST by 70e6e6bc

Company: shoppingessentialsplus

Category: Unauthorized Charges

shoppingessentialsplus is a rip-off. you cannot touch this web site without signing up for a subscription fee and you cannot unsubscribe to it without getting hit with a subscription fee. I gave them no credit card info yet they claim one of my cards will be billed.


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51a153ac, 2007-09-14, 05:34PM CDT

I never got on their site, I am unsure how they got my either checking account number or my VISA/Debit card number, but they used one or the other, and since I have been ill for months, I didn't look at my bank statements.

A person I spoke to rudely, and very quickly told me like 8 to 10 things I needed to do to be reembersed for the $20.00 fees when my bank paid them, but I didn't have the funds. I know the big thing they want is my whole statement! Every deposit, everything. I just think what and how I spend my money, is none of their business, all they need to know is that when they went to withdraw the funds, it caused me to be charged $20.00 because I wasn't expecting them to be pulling out that money!

024a5b45, 2008-05-11, 08:13PM CDT

Shopping essentialsplus ripped me off got $60 big ones. Just because my wife ordered something on an associated site.

I wish someone would start a class aaction suit against these rip-off artists!!!

29169f6f, 2008-10-24, 04:00AM CDT

I got the same Email yesterday, I don't ever remember signing up or even this website, and they said I will be billed according to the membership terms I agreed on. The only thing I can remeber is Regal Theaters has a members discount card I signed up for (Regal Theaters is part of shoppingessentilaplus and passport to fun) the card is kinda like a SafeWay Card so I was told. Cause there is no way in Hell I would Pay for Coupons. Fucking Stupid!

59114fa7, 2008-11-02, 06:21AM CST

When you sign up for a discount service like, you are asked if you'd like to join shopping and the fine print does in fact state that the credit card number you used for the initial discount club will be billed as well at a monthly fee of 9.95/mo or something like that. READ THE FINE PRINT ON THE SITE PAGE AND MAKE SURE BOXES GO UNCHECKED if you dont want additional memberships to other clubs. I read the site pages in their entirety when i signed for and chose to sign for when presented with the choice on the purchase confirmation page. If you are a member and cant access your account, just email the company that you need your member ID and they will email it to you AND provide a link to the to be confused with the general site ).

643b13cc, 2009-03-02, 06:50PM CST

I was a member of wich is a singles website. shopping essentials got my card and charged me. calling these people they dont care i am a single mother of 3 and have been ripped off

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