Posted on Sunday, February 4th, 2007 at 10:21pm CST by f4669ab3

Company: Slippers

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The Washington Shoe Company, located in Kent, Washington, imports a slipper from China. They call it the "Staheckum". It is designed to look like an Indian moccasin. I purchased a pair from the Fred Meyer Company last year. The pair lasted about 3 months and started to come apart. I am 71 years old, so it's not like I'm running track in these slippers. The right slipper's phony stitching started to unravel. The company has a web site and encourages you to write. I did and got no response. I called the company two times, left messages and got no response. On the third call, I voiced my displeasure with the young lady on the phone about their lack of customer response. She accused me of attacking her. I said I wasn't attacking, but was upset that no one had the courtesy of returning my call or responding to the email. I said the box the slippers came would probably have lasted longer if I wore them rather than the slippers. I noticed that people are even selling this particular slipper on line. I would advise everyone who would consider bidding to pass on them. Oh yeah, the only fix this company could offer was to tell me to return the slippers to the store where purchased. Unfortunately, I did not keep the receipt (my fault). Do not consider buying this brand!


Seattle, WA


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