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Posted on Tuesday, February 27th, 2007 at 8:00am CST by 4f54902b

Company: magazine subscriptions

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I placed an order through your website some time ago, and then cancelled the order. You sent me a request for payment via email, and I responded that I received too many magazine subscriptions at Christmas and I do not want any more as I don't have time to read so many. I received a couple of our magazines and did not open them, because I was going to return them. Howeve,r since you keep sending me bills for the magazines that I do not want and have already cancelled, from now on I will simply discard whatever you send. Your offers state that subscriptions can be cancelled, and I did cancel them, and I want you to stop sending them and your bills. If I have to take this complaint further, I will. Please save both your and me the trouble and just cancel my subscriptions and stop sending magazines and bills. Thank you. I will expect confirmatiion of this request. June M. Woodman


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