Service received at the Cattle Baron Tokai branch on 24 Feb 2007

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Company: Service received at the Cattle Baron Tokai branch on 24 Feb 2007

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Cattle Baron, Tokai, Cape Town, SA

This is just a short letter to detail my recent experience at the Cattle Baron Tokai.

On my 30th birthday which was on the 24th February I decided to choose the Cattle Baron as the restaurant to celebrate my birthday at.

Our booking was for 8:00. Our drinks order took a half an hour to arrive. We were 8 people in total. When the drinks order arrived, the ice in the glasses was already half melted.

We then ordered our starters. One of our starters a deep fried camembert did not arrive. When we asked our waiter about this he did not seem to have any knowledge of it. My father went to the manager and enquired and was told that the camembert had broken while making it but that they were making another one. It would have been nice to be informed about this. Furthermore the prawns were tough and not enjoyable.

We then ordered our main course. The main course took 2 hours to arrive. When we enquired as to the delay we were told that preparing the steaks were an art and could not be rushed.

The waiter passed the steaks to the patrons instead of leaning over the table and placing it in front of them. Now this would not have been a great incident was it not that the plates that the steaks were on were hot. My friend Gill took her steak and got burnt from the top of her thumb down to her wrist.

The waiter wanted me to also take my steak that is on this heavy plate and wooden board across the table. Now my arm is in a sling and he wanted me to balance this on my one hand. A lady at our table had to point out that this would be impossible for me to do as I was injured.

When they brought the desert I was handed a Cr


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