LA Fitness and Body of Change Personal Training - Deceptive & Unfair Sales and Trade Practices - Rip-off & Scam

Posted on Monday, February 26th, 2007 at 5:03am CST by f79a46f8

Company: LA Fitness and Body of Change Personal Training - Deceptive & Unfair Sales and Trade Practices - Rip-off & Scam

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LA Fitness and it's recently acquired Body of Change personal training division engage in deceptive sales tactics and unfair trade practices to rip off consumers.

Here's a summary of how LA Fitness and Body of Change operate.

They will approach you in the gym and use various methods including a free personal training session to get you to sign a personal training contract. They lead you to believe that you will be training with a specific trainer which you had selected and that they will be able to give you sessions when you need to be trained. The reality they don't tell you about it that you will not be with one consistent trainer, that they will not be able to accommodate your schedule due to poor sheduling - lack of staff - lack of responsibility to perform under the contract, and they do not have any obligation to return calls or schedule you in a timely manner.

Once you sign a contract, you quickly learn the following:

1) They do not have adequate staff to train you consistently on a schedule that fits your needs. If you need to be trained before or after normal work hours, you will not be able to get sessions scheduled consistently.

2) They will bounce you from trainer to trainer. You may not even have the same trainer consistently for even 1 week.

3) Trainers will miss scheduled appointments and will not notify you in advance.

4) Management will have little concern for your scheduling problems and will not help you.

5) Managers do not keep promises

6) Company is not adequately staffed to provide you the training sessions and schedule you signed up for.

7) They aren't under any obligation to perform in a resonable and responsible manner under the contract.

8) They hire very low wage, inadequately certified people to do personal training. The certifications they may or may not have are not the same as the higher level personal fitness training certifications you will find with real professional personal fitness trainers. Basically, if you needed a job right now and had no prior personal training experience they would hire you right off off the street. They have some form of in-house training to get people up to speed but it's not the same as the professional certifications career trainers have. So you're basically paying a high end personal training price for someone who doesn't have the training to justify the price. More than 50% of the money goes into the pockets of LA Fitness, while the trainers get pocket change. It's ironic... the trainers are ripped off just like us consumers.

LA Fitness is basically a scam company that only cares about one thing, your money. Once they have your money, they do not care about keeping commitments, customer satisfaction, or quality of service. We feel we have been completely deceived by LA Fitness / Body of Change and that they engage in deceptive, unethical, unfair trade practices. They get away with it by having you sign a contract that protects them and allows them to basically provide the lowest possible level of service and basically offer a service that they cannot provide in a reasonable manner for working professionals. They are the biggest rip off I've seen personally.

Never never never sign up with LA Fitness / Body of Change, and especially their personal training offering. Before you sign any contract, see an attorney with the contract. These guys rip people off every day and they know it. If you sign a contract with them without consulting with an attorney, you will be royally screwed.


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5184239c, 2007-12-13, 02:51PM CST

We are previous lafitness employees and we fully agree with these statements. As well not one of our paychecks have been paid properly either commission or regular pay. They will not pay overtime and will subtract commission from your paycheck regardless of how many hours you work. Excellent write up signed. ex employee.

7fecaa44, 2008-02-26, 04:08PM CST

This is 100% correct. I signed up a few years ago. During that time, it was very difficult to have any type of schedule with a single trainer, because, as mentioned, non-work hours were very difficult to schedule. Only one of the four that I trained with ever helped me to achieve any results (although still not worth the money).

Also, once I cancelled the contract, I was charged an additional two months on my credit card. Although they had record of my cancellation, which I could also view on their system (online document view), it still took another two months for the reversals to be accurately processed. In the meantime, I was charged additional fees and basically treated as if their mistake was my fault.

I called enough times and made enough noise that the payments were reversed, all fees were cancelled, and I never had to deal with them again.

Never, ever, ever, would I recommend Body of Change!!!!!

83bfd974, 2009-01-15, 03:06AM CST

I perfusely agree!! I have been royally screwed. I signed up in october of 2007 and my trainer and I had an understanding for my training sessions and my schedule at work... three months later he was sending texts to my phone telling me he wanted to sleep with me as he was attracted to my body... how is one to feel comfortable in that atmosphere or experience... upon changing trainers they were either late, didn't show up or were training more than one customer at the same time running back and forth... not impressed... to date I still have approximately 50 session banked and have stopped going to the gym all together and have never been bigger in weight in my entire life!!!! thats what i get for having a personal trainer at body of change... that was over 1 year of $150/month!!! what a waste.

f6479f7b, 2009-12-26, 05:57PM CST

Signing up for the personal training services at LA Fitness was a horrible decision. Although there may be the occasional good trainer (I have met 2 out of the 20+ trainers I interacted with), most of them are completely untrained and unprofessional. (The trainers get paid very little as well... of the $39 one pays per half-hour session at the current rate, only $6 actually goes to the trainer.) I previously had one trainer hiss and snap at me after I complained that she was 45 minutes late to our appointment! The managers are completely ineffective - some are dating the trainers so they won't help you if you have any complaints with a trainer. One of my ridiculous trainers booked a session on my account without even telling me, and I have been fighting with the company for 3 months just to get the session back! This is beyond disturbing and I will never recommend this company to anyone.

00b71c63, 2010-11-12, 08:24PM CST

I worked for Body of Change between 2001 and 2003 as a manager. I can see that the problems that plagued the company then have only gotten worse. I had taken over managing a club, and from day 1, I was overwhelmed with complaints that were never dealt with by the former manager. I was appalled by the trainers that worked there. I wish I could have replaced nearly all of them, but I could only get rid of the worst of them. I tried to teach them how to conduct themselves as professionals. A lot of them are juiced up idiots who think that because they are "big" that they know all there is to know about training. It was hard to attract good trainers with what BoC pays, so I had little faith in the product I was selling. I even started training people myself rather than give them to a crap trainer. But the only thing my bosses cared about is if I could SELL, SELL, SELL! They put tremendous pressure on the managers to hard sell L.A. Fitness members an inferior service. After two and a half years it had only gotten worse and I walked. To be fair, there are some good trainers working there, but I would never recommend signing a contract with Body of Change to anyone.

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