Bad beheavior and poor service of the COSTCO customer service

Posted on Monday, February 26th, 2007 at 10:06am CST by 84039187

Company: Bad beheavior and poor service of the COSTCO customer service

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I have been a COSTCO member for over 5 years and is also an "executive membership" for the past 2 years. There is supposed to be a 2% cash reward for the executive member. This reward is supposed to send out automatically but for some reason it didn't send to me automatically. Early in January, I went to COSTCO warehouse located at East Hanover, New Jersey to inquire the reward. They told me that they will re-issue the reward to me. I waited for 3 to 4 weeks and I haven't got it. So, I went back twice to ask again, and they always told me that it will take longer to recieve. Yesterday (2/25/2007) I went to the same warehouse to ask again (I had to wait on the line for 30 minutes) and I wanted to know if the check ever issued and when I could expect to receive the check. The service lady (I don't know her name) became impatient with my questions and called her manager over. She said that she already answered my question and I was still asking this and that, as if I was very unresonable. In the end, the manager told me that there was no any record showing I had requested any reward in the past two months and told me that they will re-issue the check again. Then I had to fill a form and who knows if the same nightmare will start again or not. For this matter, I already spent over 4 hours in total in the warehouse and resulted in nothing but the bad beheavior of the customer service. I decide to my stop my executive membership with COSTCO, and possibly, the COSTCO membership entirely. Due to these customer service's beheavior, I really do not feel good shopping at COSTCO.

Qian Ye

Livingston, NJ 07039


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10fc7c17, 2008-11-04, 12:25AM CST

I received horrible service as well. It's funny how even head office doesn't care. I sent them an email and no one bothered to reply back:

To whom it may concern,

I was at your Costco store in Richmond, BC on Apr. 29, 2008 at approximately 8:40pm. I went to the membership counter to inquire about renewing my membership and the customer service I received was horrible. One of the worst shopping experiences in my life. I received service from a tall fellow by the name of 'L....' which I later found out that his last name is L... and his first name is R..... He told me that he could not renew my membership because they close at 9:00pm and that they have cashed out all their tills. I was very confused as it was only 8:40pm and the store closes at 9:00pm. Then he tried to tell me that he couldn't renew it because it's considered a 'return' and they didn't have cash. I questioned him by asking how is this a return when I'm trying to renew my membership? He continued to argue with me and reluctantly started the renewal process. R... then asked me a number of questions regarding my decision to change from Executive Membership to Business Membership, which I understand is the procedure that the staff members take. However, it was the way he posed the questions, very rudely, demanding an answer even after I said for personal reasons. I then told him it wasn't his business and he responded by "if you want to renew it, it's my business." In my opionion, this is horrible customer service. I then asked to speak to a manager, which he referred me to Jeff (a guy wearing a red vest) who didn't do much except apologize that the horrible customer service R... was providing me. In addition to all of this, R.... continued to roll his eyes while I spoke to his supervisor Jeff. I called him on it and told him that "he should be fired for his poor representation on the company and he responded by saying " I hope so." I thanked Jeff for his service. And as I was leaving R... said in a sarcastic, patrionizing voice "Bye B....., come back soon."

c6fb4304, 2008-11-18, 10:39AM CST

Costco has the most miserable customer service I have ever experienced. I once spent about 2 hours shopping, and was set to spend over 200 dollars. I waited in the long line and the cashier scanned all my stuff. I tried to pay with a VISA (most widely accepted credit card in the world) credit card, which apparently is not taken by Costco. It was the only form of payment I brought, and the cashiers would not take it. I asked to speak with the manager, who then repeatedly rolled his eyes when I explained to him my situation. As I began offering alternatives, he would just say NO without even hearing my entire explanation. I do realize that it was my own fault for not bringing the correct form of payment, but don't get angry at me for doing everything I can to save myself over 2 hours of my time.

After this experience with the manager, I immediately called the Costco customer service call center to complain about the way I was treated. I got on the phone and explained my situation about being inconvenienced both by their credit card policy and by the store manager. I explained that I was paying a flat fee to shop at a place that doesn't accept a form of payment that is very convenient for me, and that I was very angry about the way I was treated by the manager, and that the flat fee I'm paying isn't worth it for such poor service. I was expecting a discounted membership, or maybe set of coupons, but the low IQ people on the line did not know how to do their jobs very well. One of their main functions is to be sure that they do not lose customers, because it costs 10 times more to get a new customer than to hold on to an existing customer. However, after going three levels up the chain of command, I realized that they were not going to give.

These are my last words during a conversation with their main supervisor at the call center

Me: "I really enjoy shopping at Costco, I think they have great prices and I'd rather not cancel my membership. Is there any way you all can work with me to compensate me for the time I lost in your warehouse tonight as well as for the treatment I received from the store manager."

Supervisor: "I really don't know what you mean by "work with you".

Me: "How about a discounted membership or some coupons".

Supervisor: "Here at Costco we don't really do that. We at customer service don't give stuff like that".

Me: "Ok, cancel my membership"

I'm now a loyal Sam's club member, and their service is much better than Costco.

7b494d66, 2010-09-23, 09:57AM CDT

I ordered a $2500 furniture set from After waiting over a month to received the set, it arrived with damage on almost every piece. I contacted customer service immediately and they assured me they wanted to make things right. I was contacted with an option for compensation or exchange and told to call back or email when I had decided how I wanted to proceed. It has been nearly one month since this contact, and I have been unable to get through to a person, I have emailed and left messages never to be returned. Meanwhile, I am still stuck with a $2500 set of damaged furniture. Costco customer service is horrible and if I am ever able to get my situation handled I will no longer be a member of the club.

427fcee1, 2010-12-27, 10:36AM CST

I have been a Costco member for over 7 years since 2003, purchased a ps3 from Naperville costco on 12/24/2010 when it did not work tried to return to costco on 12/26/2010, the manager refused. Contacted sony and they said it was actually sold in March 2008, so Costco sold me a ps3 which was old and not even work. anybody can help me guide, contacted costco corporate and waiting for reply

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