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Posted on Sunday, February 25th, 2007 at 7:31pm CST by 6415590e

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Letter to Virgin Mobile Customer Service Dated Febuary 25, 2007:

This is not a service question, it is a complaint from a long-time customer that you are losing due to extremely poor customer service.

When I replaced my old phone with a new one in January I was given a new phone number, in my new area where I had moved to. In Febuary I signed up for auto top-up and a 6.99 service plan, with charges to be taken the 16th of the month, or so I thought. I received an email notification that my account would be billed the 6.99 on the 14th, which was unacceptable, because that account would be empty until the 15th. Due to this email, I called Virgin Mobile Support, and told the representative in no uncertain terms that if anything was going to hit my bank account on that date, that it must be stopped, canceled, changed, or whatever necessary as long as I kept my phone on. The rep told me that nothing would hit my bank account. She was wrong. Because my VM balance did not have the 6.99 available , they hit my checking account, causing me bank charges. Then, my phone was turned off. Now I had stopped using my phone for a couple days because my balance was low until the 16th, when my auto top-up would take effect. On the 14th, however, I get a message that funds were not available in my bank. My phone service was shut off. My phone number was given away. I got bank charges for an UNAUTHORIZED attempt to collect monies from my account. I say UNAUTHORIZED because I said very clearly, that under no circumstances was my bank account to be hit before the 16th. Now, it only got worse from here. I am now on the fourth phone number since that time. When I called to find out what happened to my phone, I found out that I could not get my phone number back. Lousy service there, I am sure you can agree. At no time did I ever request that my phone number be changed or canceled. But hey, who am I? Just the customer, right? Then the manager tells me they cannot authorize reimbursement for money lost due to poor customer service. Then she says she can, but only $20, then says $10. Guess she doesn't know what she can do. Then she says in order for any of this to be corrected, I have to email customer service because there is no higher level manager that a customer can speak with to get resolution. So, after getting my number changed three times, I get a rep who gives me a phone number with an area code that I KNOW I do not reside in. She just absolutely refused to believe me, or to give me a phone number within my area code. Again, who am I? Just the customer. Guess that means nothing there anymore. So, I go on with this phone number just to find out that I am long-distance to everyone locally who wants to call me. Christ, even the pizza guy knew it was out of area, and questioned it. Does this not set up a red alert flag for you? It does for me. Now, I finally have a valid phone number, and I find out that that 6.99 charge is still going to be deducted on the 14th. Can someone tell me what part of this is not sinking in to your customer service rep brains? What really bothers me is that I am a technical support MANAGER, and that I would absolutely nail some people to the wall for this kind of service problems. I would have sat down the people that made my organization look so bad to a long-time client and given them training, gone back and fixed the issues and then looked at how I could make it up to my customer through refunding bank charges, gifting minutes, anything and everything to make sure they stayed with my company as a service provider. Instead, I get the runaround, with no valid means of getting the situation straightened out. Don't tell me the area code was wrong because you go by ZIP CODE. Get the process fixed, so you can do good customer support! Get your people fixed, teach them not to put the fault on customers, especially your managers. I expect more from you.

What are you going to do about this mess?


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