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Posted on Sunday, February 25th, 2007 at 4:34pm CST by 99d832b9

Company: Homes By Whittaker

Category: Building, Construction

Homes By Whittaker: Our experience with this builder has been one miserably long (and still ongoing) nightmare that doesn't want to end. We must agree with the other complaints against this builder posted on this web site. So many of these complaints have happened to us just as they have happened to so many others we have met since beginning this ordeal in August, 2005. The complaint list is too long to post but some of the most disturbing ones are listed below:

Our sales person doesn't know her job and flat out lies to our face (continually).

We waited nine months from signing contract to the beginning of construction. This is the most frustrating fact because not only were we not told there would be this long of a delay, we couldn't get any information from anyone during this period to find out why it was taking so long to get started (which was not weather related either) or when it would be.

Trusses laid unprotected on the ground for six months (termites enjoyed them) and sections needed replaced.

Supplies ordered have been wrong and/or amounts insufficient to complete tiling, flooring, lighting, etc., causing numerous delays.

Floor plan dimensions have been ignored causing several months delay waiting for repair work and preventing other jobs from being started.

Very difficult to get anyone to answer their phones or return our calls (or give an honest answer).

Promised finish dates (July 2006, September 2006, December 2006, February 2007) came and went and we are still in the dark as to when our house will be finished after nine months of 'being under construction'.

As stated above, the list is too long to post here but rest assured, these are not our only complaints. It's heartbreaking to have gone through this nightmare and to be treated as we have been (and it's still not over). We pity anyone else who has made the mistake of choosing this builder and you have our deepest sympathy for what you are about to go through in the hopes of getting the house of your dreams.


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