Experian/CIC Credit/Lending Tree

Posted on Saturday, February 24th, 2007 at 6:39pm CST by f34e4bc2

Company: Experian/CIC Credit/Lending Tree

Category: Other

Experian offers 3 bureau credit reports online but fails to deliver. Although my credit card was billed immediately, I was unable to access my report over 3-4 days. I was subsequently told I needed a "Private Access Code" to verify my identity, which could only be sent by US mail, although they managed to identify my credit card pretty quickly. Needless to say, this private access code did not work. This service is offered in conjunction with "CIC CreditExpert and LendingTree. Approximately ten days and two hours of phone conversations with all three parties later, they are unable to access my credit report. I asked for a refund, in writing, and was referred back to the same consumer helpline phone number. It seems their business plan is to discourage customers with so many obstacles that they simply abandon the $35 they have already been charged.


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