Posted on Saturday, February 24th, 2007 at 2:20pm CST by 00993f6f

Company: 1-800-flowers.com

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On Saturday Feb 10th, I placed an order for next-day delivery of flowers to my mother-in-law in the hospital in Florida (I am in Indiana). Since the order was placed on a Saturday, "next day" is supposed to mean Monday. When I found out late Monday afternoon that the flowers had not arrived, I called 1-800-flowers customer service and was told the flowers were "on the delivery truck" and would be there by 7 pm. They weren't. The next morning my mother-in-law was released from the hosital, sooner than originally expected. I called customer service to ask that the flowers be re-routed to her home, rather than to the hospital. I was again told that the flowers were "on the delivery truck" and it was therefore impossible to have them re-routed. I then made arrangements with the volunteer desk at the hospital so that they would sign for the flowers, call my m-i-l at home, and a family member would go to the hospital and pick them up. The flowers were never delivered to the hospital. The next day, Wednesday, was Valentines Day. I was once again told the flowers were "on the truck" and would definitely be delivered that day, before noon. When noon came and went with no flowers, I started trying to call customer service. All I could reach was a recorded message that due to the Valentines Day rush, no one was available to take my call and I would have to call back. I sent an e-mail complaint as well, and did not not receive a response. Late that night, I finally spoke to customer service. They blamed the whole thing on the florist they had routed the order to, cancelled that order, placed a brand new order through a different florist, and gave me a free "upgrade" on the flowers "for my troubles." They guaranteed delivery by noon Friday at the very latest.

The flowers have NEVER been received. I have now requested cancellation twice via angry e-mails, to which I have never received a response. On Monday 2/19 -- NINE DAYS after I placed the order for next day delivery -- I finally got through on the phone to customer service and demanded immediate cancellation and full refund to my credit card. I was told the credit would take

3-5 days to be processed. It is now 2/24 -- my credit card company has no record of the cancellation and credit, and I also have never received the e-mail confirming same that I was promised. I absolutely do not intrend to let this matter drop.

Not only will I never patronize 1-800-flowers.com again, I will make it my personal mission to spread the word to every single person I can. What infuriates me about all of this is that a 78 year old woman with a broken hip couldn't even get some flowers to brighten her day -- and they just plain DON'T CARE!


Logansport, Indiana


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