1997 Mercury Cougar Manifold Water Leak

Posted on Friday, February 23rd, 2007 at 10:17am CST by f018707e

Company: 1997 Mercury Cougar Manifold Water Leak

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I went through the earlier recall/lawsuit against Ford for their defective intake manifold that leaked water. The replacement manifold has a partial metal content that cured the earlier leak location but the remainder remains carbon/plastic.

My Ford dealer now says the part is leaking again and he needs $1,100 to fix it! It has a crack in the opposite end from the earlier crack location.

Ford fixed only part of the manifold and after 50,000 miles it failed again. I asked to speak with a Ford District Rep. but the dealer has not provided one yet.

All of you with Ford, Mercury V-8s will have the same problem at least for 1997 models. (see earlier list of models/years in legal settlement.)

My last Ford product. Every car I ever purchased from Ford had at least one major design fault. I hope that another lawsuit might be developed but the car model is now 10 years old so tI hink the odds are slim. You never know though.


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