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Posted on Thursday, February 22nd, 2007 at 8:01pm CST by f07b369b

Company: AOL

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TWX SERVICE has billed me in the amount of $25.90 two times for a service I did not apply for.Some how they got me account number. When I called and ask to have this account taken off of my service,I was told to call the fraud department.The person I was talking to just give me the run around and acted like they could not speak good english.All and all I am very upset that I got to now call my bank and have my account change so I will no longer be charge by this company.This company has billed me a total of $51.80.And I still do not know the service they provide.Be weary of TWX SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!


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c76e51d9, 2008-02-19, 03:49PM CST

I was charged $25.90 for TWX*AOL SERVICES on my debit/credit card. I talked to the person at AOL and he stammered and sounded like a complete idiot and he couldn't come up with an answer except for asking me if I had allowed someone to use my card to sign up for AOL and of course I hadn't. He's supposed to send me a form to fill out and return within 30 days to get a refund and stop the billing. I called Visa and they cancelled my card are issuing me a new one. If you're not an AOL member it is next to impossible to find any address where you can send them a letter. I took the chance and sent an email to www.billing@aol and it didn't come back to me so I guess I just happened on a real email address. Maybe if everyone sent them directly to their billing email they will respond to us. Good luck and don't give up. Everyone hates to close an old credit card and go through the hassel of starting over with a new one but in this case it's worth it. I would even close my current bank account and re-open with a new bank account number.

God I feel better already!


e69ee32b, 2008-05-09, 12:02PM CDT

I have been going through the same thing. My daughter asked me to charge $1 on my credit card as she didn't have a credit card and instead of the $1, it turned out to be $25.97 and when I saw this, I called my credit card and complained I hadn't ordered this service. So, it was cancelled from my card and had to change the card. (In the meantime, my daughter is using her $1 account, not the $25.95 one.) Two months later, it was again charged on my new account number. Again I called my cc company and complained and the number was changed again. The following month it happened again. I have had the card changed twice and again this month I am getting billed. I am getting to the point where I am going to have to cancel my credit card totally in the hopes it doesn't happen again. I am like you, "BE WARY OF TWX*AOL!!!!!"

a435ae52, 2008-05-27, 09:18PM CDT

a.o.l. sevice I'm not using

a80002be, 2008-11-28, 01:44PM CST

You are only one of hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people being scammed by this TWX*AOL SERVICE. I'm one of them. Going to your bank and having your account number changed appears to be the correct thing to do. One victim suggested called The Better Business Bureau. I have found it useless to even attempt to reason with or get in touch with AOL itself. TWX* AOL SERVICE appears to be an investment company somehow associated with AOL.All we can do is block them by having our bank account/credit card numbers changed. Filing a complaint with the BBB may or may not enable us to get a refund. At this point, I just want the crooks to stop charging me. I don't even care if I get a refund. But see what you can find out. God bless.

754cafd5, 2009-01-16, 08:40AM CST

I having having the sam problem of being charged monthly with using the service. I can't seem to get anyone anywhere to contact to cancel the aol service.

How did you solve this problem?


86ed0540, 2010-01-09, 02:13PM CST

we need

to cancel the twx srevice.

we are not using it right now.


lucinda welch

86ed0540, 2010-01-09, 02:23PM CST

we need to canel out twx service

we are not using it right now


lucinda welch

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