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Posted on Thursday, February 22nd, 2007 at 12:35pm CST by 8d379639

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I read a few of the complaints about us bank. It is obvious they do not know who the customer is, nor do they care. Why they are allowed to continue to do business is beyond me. We have an all to familiar situation like many others that I read.

My son moved to Arizona for his job. He started a checking account at US Bank. When he moved back to Montana he went to the local US Bank and told them I live here now and I want my account transfered. Something US Bank should be able to do with their eyes closed. NOT SO. The local people did not do thier job. So, when my son went in to deposit money in his account, they took his money and only put $100.00 in his account here, the rest went to the bank in Arizona ( which he is no longer using). Because they sent the money to Arizona, His funds were unavailable for more than a week. NOt knowing that this was going on, he wrote checks on his deposit. That in turn caused him to be over drawn on money that was in his account. But the way their system works, when he went on the internet to check his balance, he had a possitive balance, followed by over draft charge. He went to the bank to get this figured out and they just stood there with a blank look on thier face and blinking their eyes. All they told him was, you signed the forms, so too bad for you. There policy is they hold deposits for 3, count them 3 days. My sons deposits were being held for a week or longer. He called and wanted to talk to the branch manager and of course he was in a meeting. Everytime my son has called in the past 2 weeks, he has been in a meeting. This guy knows they did wrong and he is just avoiding the problem. Then yesterday US Bank called my son and said because of all the fees and such on his account they were going to close it. He told them, I think not. He said this matter is not over and I do not have an answer, no one will return my phone calls and until this is straightened out, it stays open. So he went and put some money in that account to cover the fees and keep it open. We have contacted the Better business bureau. US BANK wrote back with some weak excuse as to why this all happened and there is a section that asks if you accept thier answer or not. We replied no and the answer will contiue to be no until something possitive happens with this account.

These US BANK people have for gotten who the customer is and what it takes to keep us happy. My son has ask to have some, not all, but some of the fees returned. They stole $750.00 from his account because of thier stupid policy that makes absolutely no sence. Some of this is thier fault for not doing thier job. But as far as they are concerned, we are stupid for opening an account with them, so we are going to have to pay. Like many others, we are not going down with out a fight and If I can find a way to get the branch manager fired, I am ging to do it.


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72ac1a5f, 2007-11-08, 08:16PM CST

I had a similar problem with us bank; they locked my funds based on a debit card purchase and caused a check to bounce, which resulted in a overdraft fee. When the funds were released and the debit card was processed, I got another overdraft fee. I had the money in the account!

I told these people my story and I got a free PDF on resolving my problems with US Bank:

339a751f, 2008-05-05, 09:52PM CDT

I used to work for a call center, one of the biggest problems when dealing with US Bank is that call centers lose money for each refund they give... (the call centers are independent companies.) So basically if you get money the the person your talking to gets in trouble, they can literally only give so many refunds a month right or wrong, always ask for a supervisor, and always always force them to take some sort of action, I would say go to the branch, because those people fear you will make them look bad.

84886cd0, 2009-12-03, 07:28PM CST

I am not even going to go into details. US bank is unethical, unprofessional, and should not be in business. I will never ever use them and try my utmost to tell my friends and business associates about them. If God exists, they will all go to hell.

3ed26315, 2009-12-22, 08:52PM CST

I read alot of the complaints. Sometimes I think it is the best bank that I have ever been to. They treat me like I am apart of there family. so i disagree.

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