Staples just don't care about their consumers!

Posted on Wednesday, February 21st, 2007 at 3:34pm CST by 022ae44f

Company: Staples just don't care about their consumers!

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To whom it may concern,

I am filing a complaint against Staples for an incident that occurred to our company.

On February 20th, 2007 at 1:20pm, my boss and I went to our local Staples to purchase a low cost Fax device, cabinet furniture, and some accessories.

Upon returning, the Fax device was opened by me and I noticed that some of the packaging did not look like it was in place correctly. The “Static Free” bag in which the fax device is wrapped in was folded and placed on top of the device. The paperwork was spread out throughout.

Once removing from the carton and attempting to connect to a new dedicated fax line, the device powered up as it should. I then began the programming of the device to denote the amount of “Ring-tones” to which our new device was to answer. Again the device did accept the program. I then began to enter our Company name, so as to insure that our Company name was included on receipt of fax device. In an attempt to perform this function I noticed a name already programmed, I then attempted to enter our corporate number and again noticed another number pre-programmed in the device. I began to become suspicious at this point and decided to print an “Activity Report” from what I thought was a new device. This report did confirm another name and their fax attempts dating a month prior to my purchase. I was able to accomplish this without first changing the date.

I then attempted to send a fax to another fax device in our company with no problem. However, attempting to send a fax transmission to our new device, did not offer a “Handshake”. Thinking that this could possibly be a dedicated fax line issue, I removed the device connection from its port and called the number to establish a ring tone from the line. Ring tone was confirmed. So my conclusion was that the newly purchased device modem was malfunctioned.

I informed my boss of my findings immediately and requested what action I would need to take. He asked that I call the store in which we purchased and request to speak to a manager to determine what can be done about this.

On February 21st, 2007 at approx. 9:00am I did speak to the Store manager and stated my issue, and requested what can be done about this. The manger stated to simply bring the device back and return it. I stated “That I was not prepared to pay the full price again for this device, as I was not assured that I would be receiving another faulty device”. She stated that was able to provide a 10% discount and that was all she could do. I hung up and informed my boss of the conversation.

My boss not satisfied with this answer went to to retrieve a number for their corporate office. He then communicated with a person whom stated she was the assistant to the president. He went on to state to this person the conversation I had with the manager from the store, and that the act of selling a used or refurbished product was illegal. The assistant asked if the package was taped, etc. and my boss stated that it was, like all the other packages on the shelves. She then stated that there would be no way our company can prove that Stapes repackaged the device and knowingly sold the product as new. And that I could have been returned and placed back on the shelf. There was nothing she could do.

There are several problems with this practice.

1. It should not be the “Responsibility” of the consumer to determine if a product has been returned to a retailer and then to return the product again only to be placed back on the shelf as “Known Good” and “New”. Consumers like ourselves want to think we can trust the companies we purchase from in that their product is “New”

2. It is against the law to place refurbished product on a shelf, or marketed and sold as “New”

3. There are protocols for companies such as this to first determine if there is a legitimate problem with a product before placing back on their shelves to be sold. This protocol is obviously not practiced with this company. Consumers need to know this.

4. If the product is deemed “Known Good” then it should be sold this way. And that it must be published as “Opened”, “Used”, or “Refurbished”, and normally at a reduced rate.

We are appalled at this company’s response and their lack interest in rectifying this issue in offering some type of compensation other than their 10% discount on the return. Obviously our business is not important to them. We are surely to pass this experience to our colleagues and contacts.

Beware of Staples products purchased because the package may not be as new as you think it is. Wonder how this all affects the actual manufacturers warranty?

Paul Dominguez

IT Manager

UltraClenz, LLC.

7830 Byron Dr.-Ste. 10

Riviera Beach, FL. 33404

Toll Free: 866-510-5401 Ext. 32

Fax: 561-840-0566

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81ed7e25, 2010-05-28, 03:58PM CDT


why wont u just go return the product and get your money back

u made the long story long

just return the fax and get your money back period

or get another one and open it outside the staples store when u purchase it again


i dont have any problemn with staples so far

goodluck to your long story



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