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Posted on Wednesday, February 21st, 2007 at 2:44pm CST by 4121a192

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We hired Capital Remodeling to install a new same size kitchen per contract! They told us they DO NOT sub-contract there work out! So the representative that came to our house to present this company lied to us the whole time he was pushing us to hire them??? He cold faced lied to us about everything the company does from not sub-contracting to making and special order there very own custom made cabinets! All lies just to get us in a contract they will not hold up to. Over a year ago a SUB-CONTRACTOR came to our house and made our kitchen three inches smaller! Stock cabinets made, put in upside down, backwards, gaps in walls, very numerous of colores in cabinet grain, split in wood, hammer marks to get cabinets to fit!! Everything was measured wrong from the very beginning by three different representatives from company but they still installed kitchen all messed up!! Will not fix now because they say the countertop is to expensive to reorder. We need to deal with the smaller kitchen and they will deduct $300.00. only. But charging us fees monthly for the last year for the countertop storage?? Consumers need to know this company is full of lies!


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e7dcff31, 2008-12-23, 03:19PM CST

So how was this ultimately resolved? (I'm in a similar situation but trying to get out of it before the work is done).

4746df9c, 2011-11-09, 12:50PM CST

Capital Remodeling does not sub contract out any of there work. I was looking at this comment before, I choose to go with the company. There installers were not sub contracted but were actual employees of Capital Remodeling. I did a ton of research on this and would like to set this record straight. They did a wonderful job on my kitchen!

a725c761, 2012-04-24, 10:20AM CDT

I went through a similar situation with this company. They came out and measured 4 windows for our home a large deposit was given. for 3 weeks no communication with Capital ,but they cashed the check. I called and asked for our deposit back, after no return calls for over 3 weeks. I was refused a refund and was informed by a represenative the windows had been measured and my 1000.00 dollar deposit could not be refunded. This went on for another 2-3 weeks with this company. Never once allowing me to speak with a manager,as I requested or did one call me back .The represetative finally said they had to charge me 375.00 for the tecnican coming out and measuring my windows and would give me back 600.00 dollars. I finally filed a complaint with BBB and they lied to them as well. I was informed the company got angry because a report was filed with BBB. I have not been given any of my money back at this time .Im out 1000.00 dollars,because I trusted this company to do or supply me with windows for my home. How can a company get away with taking money from the consumer and have'nt done any work to merit it, except measured windows. My advise to all, don't do business with Capital Remodling/Windows in any state. but especially Marietta,Ga they have companies in sevaeral states ,they come out and give you this remarkable prsentation and have you think they are offering you a better deal than the competion,but in reality they hold your deposit hostage past the time you are allowed to cancel the contract. The company is a Ripp you Off!!! once they get your money they won't return any of your phone calls. I found U.S. factory Windows to be a better company and they stand behind their word.

249fd867, 2013-01-25, 05:34PM CST

I have problems with them too.Couple of years ago they inttalled my windows, during the sales process they contact me all the time they told me how great their warranty and customer service was. The first time I had an issue I tried to contact them for about a month, they took 2 month in contact me back. Now I'm trying to contact them because I finance with them part of the price for almost double the amount and apparently they put a leiu on my house without me knowing, and is not even in the contract. I call the company and again no answers, they keep saying leave a message we will call you back and nothing happen. Their operators are very rude and not helpful. I'm about to remodel my kitchen and bathroom but for sure I will stay away from them. Also the quality of the windows is not as great as they advertise.

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