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I order flowers for V-day on 2-12. Opted for delivery on 2-13 or 2-14. I was out of town on a business trip, but each night I would speak with my girlfriend and was surprised that she didn't mention receiving flowers. Finally on Thursday I asked her about them and they had never been delivered. GF spent two days thinking I didn't care enough to send flowers. Contacted 1800Flowers on Friday 2-16 and after 39 minutes on hold, was told by agent that the computers were down so all she could do was take my number and a supervisor would call back. Sent email and got basically same message. Monday came and went with no response. Spoke with agent today, 2-20 after 27 minutes on hold and was given the same lame story. Too bad, too sad, we ill give you a 20% discount for ruining your day. I informed agent that in had in my hands an order acknowledgement signed by Julie L. Kaufman, Director of Customer Service, thanking me for my order and stating." At 1800-Flowers.com, your satisfaction is guaranteed.” I am sure that all of you received the same guarantee. I kept the agent on the line for another 20 minutes, repeating that I wasn't satisfied and since they had guaranteed my satisfaction, I wanted SASTIFICATION. She informed me I only had two choices, cancel my order or accept the 20% discount. I told her, those were not my only choices. I canceled my order, but told agent to note in my file "Game on." Here is the deal, if you have a phone that is free for a while, call their customer service at 1 800 468-1141 number and let them put you on hold for 30 minutes. When they answer, hang up. It's their dime. Write to Julie L Kaufman, Director of Customer Service, 1 Old Country Road, Carle Place, NY 11514 and complain. Call their corporate office at 1 516-739-3083 and complain. This is actually the number of the 1800 Flowers in their corporate building, but they know who Julie is. I believe that Julie's email is jkaufman@1800flowers, send her emails. If anyone gets more detailed information on Julie’s contact information, post it with your complaint. I am willing to cosponsor an AdWord on Google and yahoo that pops up when someone searches for 1800flowers. The ad word will show a link to this, or other, legitimate complaint sites. No slander or threats, just real people with real complaints. Contact your local consumers advocate at a radio station or TV station and complain. My goal is to continue to do this until I get the SATISFATION that Julie L Kaufman at 1800-Flowers.com promised. They ruined our day, lets get it back.


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fb591c16, 2008-02-14, 03:35PM CST

I agree 100% with the above poster. This had occurred to me on 2 occasions. These people affer services they cannot and will not provide. The entire business is a scam. The only thing you CAN count on is that your order will never be delivered as advertised. I have had 2 orders never arrive and I was NEVER notified of this, 1 order arrived with DEAD flowers. When you try to contact them you will be unable to speak to a human being, unable to find anyone to handle your problem. In turn, to placate you, they will offer a discount on your next order.....please learn from our exoeriences and do not patronize this business, save yourself the headaches.

c795ee67, 2008-02-15, 07:09AM CST

Guess what - I ordered flowers for my mom and wife. Neither arrived for V-Day. When you call the recording states "high call volume" and hangs up. Order status is blank. So far, no response to online inquirey. Totally frustrated. Call A.E. to dispute the charges. Will never do business with them again.

e2ec13a2, 2008-02-15, 10:27AM CST

My situation has been very similar. I ordered my flowers over one week in advance to ensure that they would be delivered. When they had not been delivered yesterday afternoon I contacted UPS. They told me that 1800Flowers had not placed their order in time for the flowers to be delivered on Valentine's Day. I called and spoke to customer service on Valentine's Day. They told me that I would have to call back after 7pm or the next day to fully cancel. when I called this morning the customer service number actually told me that due to high call volume their customer service representatives were not accepting calls and then hung up. Seriously? Yes. I hunted down the corporate number 516.237.6000. The lady transferred me to someone who was able to cancel my order. The dissapointing thing is that the flowers are already on the UPS truck and will be delivered. Now I look like that guy that forgot or screwed something up and had to send flowers the day after. This totally ruins the entire reason for sending the flowers to someone at work.

From here I am going to call the corporate office. I want to take their time as they have taken mine and at least let them know of my dissatisfaction. I encourage anyone else who reads this to do the same.

ac347c60, 2009-02-18, 06:13PM CST

Director Julie Kaufman,

Please give me a call or email me. I am so very upset with the customer service I have received today. You promote quality flowers and gifts guaranteed. I ordered flowers and a balloon for my sisters birthday. The flowers were dead when they arrived. My sister sent them back and was promised another delivery. The next day the flowers arrived and they were dead aswell. My sister sent them back and she was promised a fresh batch on Monday. On Monday, the flower never arrived. It is Wednesday, I called my sister to see how she liked her flowers and she said I NEVER GOT THEM. I AM SO UPSET. I called customer service and they said somehow my order had been canceled. I asked customer service to send them out tomorrow using a different florist and they replied stating, At this time, all they could do is credit my account. My sister birthday was ruined and I am very disappointed in the service I recieved. I have the names and ID numbers of all the individuals I spoke to. Looking forward to speak to you soon.

2c298aff, 2014-05-12, 10:13AM CDT

I orderd my mom flowers for mothers day. My mom lives in another state and I was expecting her to get the double order that I paid for. My mom faught cancer all last year so this mothers day was very special. I was concered when she told me she had not received the flowers I sent her. I called 1800 flowers and they took it upon themselves to cancel my order and not even give me a courtey call. As a Customer Service Supervisor of 19+ years, this is unacceptable and a horrible way of customer retention. All they offer was $20.00 gift card. Keep your $20.00 I will never order from you agian and I will go all over the Web to spread the horrible Customer Service you have provided. If you have too many order, then Don't take any more and DON'T take My Money!!

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