Acer Laptop 5100 / Incompetent repair center

Posted on Sunday, February 18th, 2007 at 5:04pm CST by 6d3403b2

Company: Acer Laptop 5100 / Incompetent repair center

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Filed on : February 18 2007

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Washington DC 20059

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Acer America (USA only)

2641 Orchard Parkway

San Jose, CA 95134

Phone: 408.432.6200

Phone: 1.800.733.2237

Main Fax: 408.922.2933

Sales Fax: 408.922.2698

Complaint Description:

I purchased an Acer laptop on November 28th 2006. On December 29th, the monitor stopped displaying- it went completely blank. On January 6th, 2007 I shipped the machine to Acer Repair center. I received it back on January 19th. The monitored displayed properly, BUT the - Data Fax Modem, - DVD Drive, - Synaptics Touchpad, - and REALTEK Audio card were all not working. I must state that all four devices were working perfectly before I sent the laptop to the Repair center. The Device Manager showed that each of those four had yellow "attention" exclamation marks by them. I called in the problem and Acer kindly agreed to pick up my laptop for return to the Repair center on January 22nd, 2007. I received the laptop back on February 2nd with a letter saying that the Motherboard was replaced. Upon booting the machine for the first time, neither touchpad, audio card, modem nor DVD drive were working. I tested all four extensively, and they still don't work. I downloaded drivers from the Acer website for the audio card and the modem. I could not find drivers for the DVD drive or the Touchpad. I disabled, uninstalled and reinstalled each device a few times, running the downloaded drivers for the audio card and modem. The Audio card has since started working, but the modem, touchpad and DVD drive still do not work. Acer's response to my calling a third time for repair is that I need to send it back in. It makes no sense to send it back to the ppl who failed to repair it the first two times. The machine has been in their care more than it's been in mine. The laptop is clearly defective and Acer wants me to send it back to them AGAIN! This computer and company have been a complete waste of my time and money. I spent $682.00 for the laptop. A month later, I had to spend another $100 to ship it to the repair center. From all the shipping back and forth, the laptop now has scratches and other wear and tear marks that should not be on a 2 month old machine. Even though I spent $782 on this machine, I have not had the machine in my possession long enough to actually use it. So I'm out $782, but have gained nothing but frustration from my spending that money.

Desired Resolution:

I just want a machine that works! NOT this same defective machine that they keep sending back to me. And if they send me a new machine that gives me any problems, I want my money refunded, including the $100 I spent to ship it to their repair center, completely refunded.


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