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Posted on Saturday, February 17th, 2007 at 10:30pm CST by c639ed1e

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Monitronics Inc.

I have been trying to cancel my account since October when I moved from one state to another. Monitronics has continued to bill me and will not process my requests to disconnect service. I have made numerous phone calls and send at least four letters to attempt to disconnect service. The respond to my letters by sending a letter back saying my signature does not match the contract (I signed both so they ought to match) and they always tell me when I call them that the person I need to speak with is not there and that I should call back the next day. I find their practices to be unethical and excessively complex. The humorous part is that the won't accept my signature to close the account, but they processed my change of address and billing information with no question.

Thank you,

Ryan Knutson


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