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Posted on Friday, February 16th, 2007 at 1:17am CST by 3dd13f1b

Company: Wedding Planning by Allure Occasions

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Allure Occasions

ATTN: Pamela Perez

3579 E. Foothill Blvd.


Pasadena, CA 91107

Pamela Perez from Allure Occasions has completely destroyed the planning of my wedding and taken something that should have been a joyous time and turned it into a disorganized mess. Most people hire wedding planners because their schedules are too busy and hectic. The only task given to Pamela at the start of our planning was to find us a church near to the reception location which was in LA County. Not only did she wait 3 months to do just that but she only brought me to one Lutheran Church(I’m not Lutheran) to pass off as hard work. Instead I watched her sloppily eat a sandwich as she had me call wedding locations THAT I RESEARCHED FOR!!! She is no wedding planner and not even licensed and qualified! She wasted my time and did nothing. She was supposed to have the designer plan out color schemes and canceled 2 mtgs. to do so. I NEVER SAW ONE DESIGN! My new wedding planner drafted a letter, that I signed, expressing my disgust and demanding my deposit be returned. She stated that my budget analysis (WHICH WAS NEVER RECEIVED) was her business which was not in my package and I didn’t not want her prying in my money business. Her primary concern ( MY budget) was not what I paid her for and she didn’t follow up on my primary concern. I never should have been nice to her, I should have let her know how sloppy and unprofessional she was earlier but she has DONE NOTHING TO DESERVE ANY OF MY DEPOSIT! She is refusing my refund and I will get my money back. She hasn’t heard from me yet, but she will. She canceled 3 meetings (not even within ample time) and wasted 3 months. I was even given a list of things by her that would be done by NOVEMBER 15th I gave her my availability and she did nothing with it. She should be paying be for the venues I searched out and the church I located and booked. SHE HAD 3 MONTHS and she stated that she searched for 3 weeks. What a snake, thief, and liar. The agreement was signed Aug. 31st, Nov. 20th was the date I began searching for a real wedding planner after she canceled yet another mtg. with the designer. I would rather settle this matter outside of court.

For Pam: You stated “Even under difficult conditions and circumstances that were caused by your intense schedule, lack of communication, and binding ceremony site criteria we have more than fulfilled our end of this agreement.” This woman is brainless. Most people who hire wedding planners have busy schedules, I have all the copies of email that were far more extensive then those you sent me, I was done with you when you called me the night before to cancel the designers meeting for a second time and I saw no need to speak with you any further, and more ceremony sites might have been available had you started when asked. Not to mention, I was able to locate one in 3 days. And I never said the location had to have a place for a mini punch reception. THAT WAS OPTIONAL. I specified that the location needed to be somewhere between my home and my church where most of my guest live. I never asked to much just for a ceremony location. I found the DJ, I found the photographer, I secured the videographer read the criteria for the Emerald Package your laziness contributed nothing that was asked. I want my deposit.

In more recent events I have been asked to stop posting and remove the above posting from which I refuse to give up my right to free speech, especially when telling the truth. I still haven't received my deposit, nor have I received an apology from Pamela Perez for the disservice, admitting to not living up to her end of the bargain.

I will wait for my deposits return until March 9th.

Almost the Fabulous Mrs. J


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