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Posted on Thursday, February 15th, 2007 at 11:15am CST by dc95e4d0

Company: Teleflora (flower service)

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For the first time ever, I decided to order flowers from Teleflora (I saw an ad on the Internet). Around 7 a.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 13, I placed an order from my home in Northern California. to be delivered that morning to my elderly aunt in western Texas. Seven communications later, the latest at 6:30 THIS MORNING from a Teleflora staffer, I learned that the flowers had NOT been delivered?not Tuesday morning, not Tuesday afternoon, not Wednesday, not ever. And this, after seven communications with the company.

I placed a simple order for tulips, and offered a second choice, roses. The first call from Teleflora asked me for a third choice. I called and I gave a third choice. The next call said sorry, they couldn?t process my order because of a computer problem, and please call back in an hour. I called back at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 13 and they assured me the order would be filled. Then I got another call saying there would be ?minor adjustments.? Then another call saying there were more problems, sorry.

Then at 6:30 this morning (yes, you read that correctly, 6:30 THIS MORNING) I got a call from Teleflora from a salesperson who said the flowers weren?t delivered at all; and that Texas floral shop probably had the phone off the hook yesterday, so the flowers couldn?t be delivered. W-h-a-t? I asked to talk to her supervisor. She confirmed they weren?t delivered, and wanted to know if they could go out today (the third day after the order).

This is totally unacceptable. Seven?count them?seven phone conversation between myself and this company! I could have booked a flight from San Francsico to Ft. Worth, Texas and delivered the flowers myself. In all the decades I?ve been ordering flowers, this is the worst service I?ve ever received. In fact, it?s the worst service I?ve ever received from a business. EVER.

Obviously, after the seventh phone conversation with Teleflora, I canceled the order. Who knows how many more phone calls I would have received seeking fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth choices and ?minor? adjustments? And more calls at 6:30 in the morning? I have never before encountered such total incompetence.


Davis, Calif.


f7651908, 2007-12-29, 12:09PM CST

It's always good to give a 2nd choice but I'm totally shocked that they couldn't find roses or tulips in v-day. 7 calls? That's excessive, they must have been having system issues or something...and just a piece of should order a few days before a big holiday to eliminate any problems that may arise because the earlier you order the more likely they're going to be prepared for your order. I mean, even the places like Teleflora that specialize in same day delivery sometimes have shops that are totally booked solid and there's nothing they can do about it.

6332e6d9, 2008-04-22, 04:02PM CDT

instead of ordering teleflora, order direct and avoid "service fees" that the filling florist doesn't even see! i am a florist and teleflora has taken enough of my hard earned dollars!!! so order local and save money and local delivery charges, usually same zip codes, are only around $5 plus the price of the flowers, it's just a smarter choice.

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