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Posted on Thursday, February 15th, 2007 at 10:56am CST by 70de6d2c

Company: Auto Radiator Outlet (1-800-RADIATOR)

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RE: Auto Radiator Outlet (1-800-RADIATOR)

I purchased a radiator from the Auto Radiator Outlet on 2/3/07 and paid for overnight shipping. I did not receive my radiator until 2/7/07, considering the weekend this was 3 day delivery, not overnight, come to find out FedEx was given the incorrect shipping information from this company.

When my husband opened the box, he found a radiator for a 2004 Chevy Bravada, I had ordered a radiator for a 2004 Mazda 6. After speaking to one of the managers, Gabriel, I was informed that I had to either pay for another radiator in order to receive the correct one immediately or ship the incorrect radiator that they shipped to me back and wait another 3-5 days until they received it, in turn, thats when they would ship me the correct radiator - regular mail (another 3-5 days), not overnight like I had originally paid for.

I finally got the company to send me a label or FedEx call tag for the next day to pick up their radiator, due to FedEx being given the incorrect info again, the package was not picked up until 2 days later, it has now been a total of 5 days and the Radiator Outlet still has not received the incorrect radiator they shipped me and they refuse to send me the radiator that I have already paid for until they receive it back.

I have decided to cancel my order all together and have requested my money back, the company's fine with that but they inform me that I have to pay a re-stock fee of $35.00 for them to re-stock their mistake, that's crap. I am fighting this, it's outrageous that a company who's supposed to provide customer service has no regard what so ever for the customer themselves. This has left me with no vehicle for about a week and half now, I have 2 children and a husband. I've had to rely on other sources to get my children to school and my husband and I to work.

The only thing I heard from this company was that these were their policies. This company needs to realize that without "Customer Satisfaction", they'll eventually have no reason to have policies, since they will have no customers. I have worked in customer service for nearly 15 years and this company doesn't provide "customer service", they provide their own "company's service".

>From an Outraged and Very Unsatisfied Customer,

Victoria Mestas


5c90fc9d, 2008-08-07, 07:37AM CDT

Do some research before you buy - this company is 75% plus wholesale.... they sell to shops and installers who then sell to the end customer. Retail sales are gravy in all probability, and I'm sure they are not 100% reliant on individual customer satisfaction as a purely retail business would be. If you want that, head to a locally owned and operated auto parts store (which these guys operate as well) If you want your part for $30-$40 less, buy from the wholesale company that is concenred with accounts doing $30k yearly and individual retail sales are a side business. Everything will be done though shipping. It might take a few extra days when a screw up happens, but I'd go with the $ savings every time vs. being coddled..... in the end, this type of savings is good for the consumer. See BJ's/Walmart/Sam's Club etc.

eea09f5e, 2011-12-16, 02:14PM CST

I have never had any luck with customer service with this company or any 1-800 radiator store. The notion that they have a lifetime warranty sems to be a fallacy. I have tried using them a few times and most of the time there is a problem with incorrect parts or poor quality parts that they will not warranty.

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