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Posted on Thursday, February 15th, 2007 at 9:24am CST by f2115be0

Company: 1800flowers.com

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On 2/6/07 I ordered flowers from 1800flowers.com for my wife to be delivered on Valentine's day. I paid extra to have a guaranteed delivery on Valentine's day. 1800flowers did not deliver as promised. They shipped flowers from Virginia via UPS ground to New Jersey on 2/13 for a delivery on 2/14 in a snow storm that started BEFORE they shipped and then claimed weather as the reason they did not fulfill their guarantee. I attempted to contact their customer service. I was refused any satisfaction by the first person who also refused to let me speak to a manager. After about 35 minutes of badgering her, she finally put me through to a second person who also refused to do anything. After about 20 minutes of badgering her, I finally got a manager who told me they have not 100% satisfaction guarantee (which is clearly stated on their site here: http://ww32.1800flowers.com/serviceformprocess.do) and the only thing they were going to do was refund a $6.00 partial shipping fee because they couldn't control the weather and once they shipped it was no longer their responsibility.

I didn't pay for flowers, I paid for an advertised service to have a gift delivered on Valentine's day. They did not fulfill their guarantee. I have an email stating that they guaranteed delivery on Valentine's day. This is not a situation that can handle a day late delivery. This holiday is one day a year, they advertise all over TV, radio and web that they can deliver on valentine's day, charge you extra, and then ship LIVE FLOWERS via UPS ground the day before delivery from Virginia to NJ in a snow storm and blame the weather.

I have attempted resolution of my money back from them, and was refused. I even had a supervisor tell me there was noone higher than her and she was going to give me all I was going to get. She informed me that the only person higher than her was the Human Resources department and they don't talk to the public. She also claimed to have no consumer complaint department.

The flowers were delivered today in terrible condition because they spent 2 nights in a freezing UPS warehouse and traveled through 4 states in the cold. At no point was that ever brought ot my attention. Additionally, I was never notified they would be late, nor was I notified that it would be shipped via UPS ground from 4 states away. I had to find out they were not delivered when my wife returned home from work without flowers.

Here is a portion of my confirmation email (note the word GUARANTEED):



Delivery Date Flexible Delivery Selected

02/14/2007 02/14/2007



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5e2d021b, 2008-02-16, 10:27AM CST

I'm just devastated that 1800flowers.com would take your money and not even live up to there guarantee of "available for same day delivery" I'm just at a lost for words they failed to deliver my Valentines day order on 2/14 or 2/15 mind when I placed the order it said that it was available for same day delivery. I placed the order on 2/12/2008 and received a confirmation of the order on the same day. When I called them tonight on 2/15/2008 they're telling me that it will be delivered on Monday 2/18/2008. Monday is a holiday I'm not at work on that day and neither will she and I know dang well she is not going to accept a Happy Valentines Day gift on that day! I don't want that sorry ass apology they gave me. I'm stuck but I will be disputing the charges! You wanna make a woman mad on Valentines try no flowers, no card or teddy bear, and see what happens!What a joke do a google search and see how many people got shafted on valentines day with no vaseline! Check this link http://www.resellerratings.com/store/1800Flowers

Lynette A., 2014-02-19, 01:21AM CST

Someone ordered me flowers to be deliverd on Valentines Day, and I have yet to receive them, on line it shows they were delivered on 2/16/14- sunday. But I do not have them, I have made 5 email contacats, one online chat, and 3 phone calls. Each time I'm told they will sort it out and re deliver, some even offer me a $20 voucher for future purchase. Yet then I get an email saying, we show your flowers were delivered on 2/16/14.

OMG it is not even worth it.

1-800-FLOWERS.COM Order Number:122796119- my order number from the order never received.

2e1cbdb5, 2014-04-28, 12:06PM CDT

I was extremely disappointed...my husband paid 70+ dollars on 2 dozen roses for me...when I got them they where in a box upside down in my yard...I had to take them out of the box trim them & place them in a vase of water the stems where dry & some bent..with the blooms broken off...the next morning the stems where more bent hanging over the leaves where brown dry & some slimy & almost all the pettles where wilted & hanging down/falling off...they where a worse quality flower then is sold at our local Safeway !! When I called to complain they gave me the run around & told me that my husband hadn't place a recent order with them after reading the guy the labels on the box he finally sent me to the satisfactory department who offered me a 20$ gift certificate & say they are sending a new bouquet!! We will NEVER get flowers here again...I didn't know that the last bouquet my husband bought me that was at least delivered to my home by a local florest was ordered from 1800flowers a couple years ago also..it was a basket of flower with a bear & a box of chocolates ...the chocolates where white & powdery I had to throw them away & the bear & the basket had mildew on it! I had to throw it all away!! Way over priced for poor quality product!!

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