Posted on Thursday, February 15th, 2007 at 4:38pm CST by 1be5b944

Company: 1800Flowers,com

Category: Other

I ordered flowers to be delivered to my wifes office on Valentines Day. They were not delivered. The next day I tried for half an hour to reach customer service and was transferred, disconnected, and given invalid phone numbers. I sent an e-mail. No response. Tried again for a half an hour on the phone, eventually reached customer service. They said that they were scheduled for delivery today, I repeated that I had specified, and was promised, delivery on Valentines Day. They checked again and said "oh, it says delivery was rescheduled due to 'unexpected volume'" and that they would be delivered today. I replied that I don't need flowers today, I needed them delivered yesterday. They said "it says that they called your wife today", I asked why they had called my wife and not me, I'm the one that needed the heads up that my flowers weren't going to be delivered and why did they call today, we already know that they weren't delivered yesterday. The rep put me on hold, called my wife, came back on and said she talked to my wife and that my wife did get a voice mail telling her that she was supposed to have gotten flowers yesterday but that she would be getting them today. I repeated that none of this really helps me at all. She said that she would give me 20% off my next order, I replied that this was not acceptable and I had no intention of ever ordering anything from them again. She just repeated that the flowers would be delivered today. I said fine and hung up. I wrote another e-mail advising them of my horrible experience and offered a number of suggestions as to how they could have handled the situation more appropriately. No response. The flowers STILL have not arrived and at this point, I doubt they ever will. I sent a third e-mail demanding a refund. I expect it will receive the same attention my previous complaints have. Researching them now I can see I'm not alone and that this is a pattern with this company so lesson learned I guess. I should have done that research before hand. I will be filing a grievance with the FTC, the BBB, and every consumer website I can find. I know it probably won't do any good at all, but at least it will make me feel better. I just feel like if everyone would stand up to these shoddy companies and get the word out, the market would drive them out of business. Unfortunately, most will just take their licks and they'll keep screwing people over but I'm at least going to do what little I can.


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