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On Tuesday, January 30th, my Kenmore refrigerator stopped working. Since we purchased this and 4 other appliances there when we built our home and it is under warranty, we called them for service repair. When we finally reached a human, we were told that the soonest we could be serviced was Monday, February 5th. (5 days after our call).

On February 5th, the technician showed up and diagnosed that it was the compressor. Of course he did not have one so he stated he would order and would be back on the 7th for repair. Ok, I've waited this long, I can deal another 2 days.

February 7th, no one called or showed so we called and again when we finally navigated and spoke with a person, we were told that "we were supposed to call once the part arrived at our home". 1. we were never told that we were to call, OR that a part would be coming directly to our home. 2. the technician gave me a receipt that states that he or another technician would be there on the 7th. NOW, since this is the case, we were told we would have to wait until Monday the 12th. I admit, my wife and I both called and complained and argued fiercely to have an exception made since it was already 12 days without a refrigerator.

Note, we have 3 children. Have you ever tried to feed 5 people out of a cooler? Its ridiculous to me that they refused to make an exception and get someone out sooner. We are not talking about a dryer or microwave here. How do I feed a family of 5 from a cooler in zero sum degree weather??

Anyway, fast forward to Monday the 12th. "We're sorry, that technician called off sick today", "we can't get a technician out now until the 14th, today. Of course with the snow today, they will not be coming but they refuse to get anyone out now until the 19th. 20 days later, if they show then.

I called the corporate offices located in Hoffman Estates, IL.(847-286-2500) and asked to speak with Alan Lacy (who I believe is the CEO), the person (whom I'm sure is there to block his cals) named Becky said she was with the "Executive Offices" and could help me. Yeah, right.

So, I explained the entire story to her. She then placed me on hold and then I was cut-off. I immediately called back and was told that there is no one by the name of Becky there. I then had to explain the entire story for a SECOND time to someone named "Batisia". Batisia then put me on hold and said her "business partner" would be with me shortly. 6 very long minutes later, "Warren" got on and told me he would place me on a "sooner call service" list. He said, if someone cancels we would get a call. I said that I felt that that was not really doing anything as I have been inconvenienced for 20 days now and that I wanted someone tomorrow. He said he could not do anything else.

I then asked to speak with his supervisor. He placed me on hold for another very long 4 minutes and finally someone named "Ashley" got on. Guess what? She had no idea why I was on the line!!! So, for a THIRD time I had to re-explain the entire account to Ashley who in turn said she could not get anyone before the 19th.

I am so completely fed up with Sears very poor service and lack of compassion for its clients. As I stated to all of them, I have purchased at least 10 or so appliances through them over the years, not too mention the countless tools and exercise equipment. I still have milk and groceries on my back porch. This is how Sears would have its customers live instead of helping them. Pathetic!!!

I will never purchase another thing from Sears and vow to tell anyone that will listen. I've already called and e-mailed my local news station. I'm filing complaints with the BBB and State's Attorney General and I will keep posting everywhere I possibly can.

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91bac195, 2007-11-06, 04:42PM CST

Your situation is EXACTLY like mine, only my washung machine died. Other than that, the LOOOONG story is mine!!!!

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