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Posted on Tuesday, February 13th, 2007 at 12:40pm CST by be1eabe1

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I purchased furniture from Ashley Furniture in Kissimmee Fl. on January 15th. It was a four piece living room set and I was told there will be a delay in the delivery of the sofa and I would not get my furniture till February 14th. February 12th I got a call from them saying the sofa will not be in the ware house on till the 20th of March. I told them this was unacceptable and they rudely replied that they cannot deliver what they don't have. I told them my furniture was obviously giving to someone else because it showed in the store computer that on February 14th the sofa will be available. To this they replied that they could have sold more than one in that period of time and it is a first come first serve, and my answer to that was I should have been told that right away not two days before my furniture was to arrive. There computer should have shown how much was being sold and how much was in the ware house so first come first served is not an acceptable excuse. I planned a valentines dinner for my family and now my living room is empty. Their attitude SUCKS there is no compensation for anything and if I cancel the furniture I will be fined. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give Ashley's Furniture a "0."


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a03bd3d3, 2007-09-27, 04:40PM CDT

Not sure if you will get this. Ashley sucks, I just got stuff from them on Sunday, same deal. It was in stock on Sunday, several pieces (I saw it on the computer screen), day before delivery they tell me part of my sectional is not in stock. Are you serious? Then they wanted to argue when I got upset with them.

Bel furniture isn't much better. They came to deliver a new bedroom to me and took my old bed apart and laid it against the wall. Put the new one together and realized they didn't have a part so they stopped and were about to leave. I asked them what's up and were they going to get the other part. They tell me no, it will be delivered some other day and they had other deliveries to make that day. Where was I supposed to sleep?

When will furniture stores realize that people get excited about new furniture and a new look? People don't want to wait longer than they are told they have to the day they sign the paperwork. You plan around dates they give you and your new look.

good day sir

fb66de4f, 2008-01-26, 07:06PM CST

Ashley furniture sucks, i purchased over 7000 dollars worth of bedroom furniture. When it arrived almost all of it was damaged. also there was no bed rails sent with the bed so they could not set up the bed. so it was left in pieces on my bedroom floor. I am now sleeping on the couch!!!!! They said somebody would contact me the next morning and resolve the problem, nobody called. I had to call them and they said they would call back in 1/2 hour> Four hours later i had to call them back, they said in 3 days someone may be able to come and see to my problem, that means they do not care!!!. I called and wanted my money back so i can go somewhere else and buy a bed to sleep on, they said NO.

Ashley furniture calgary sucks and do not buy from them, they do not care about you once they get your money, beware.

Still no bed

6e4f5ac9, 2008-02-16, 11:01AM CST

Ashley Furniture Albuquerque Sucks- Waited three weeks for someone to come see if they need to order parts to fiux a glide rail which fell apart. The appointment was resheduled today an hour after the scheduled time to arrive; and terrible offgasing 3 months after delivery that makes FEMA trailors in New Orleans smell like Colorado fresh Rocky Mountain air. Purchased 11 pieces of their most expensive and ornate office furniture. The order came tiwht two items backordered, they said I had to be home to take the partial delivery or pay a fine for every piece every day it was in their storage. Plus, one piece arrived with a shelf missing, two were damaged including one glass door cabinet. All those were delivered in 4 deliveries (meaning I had to be home waiting for Ashley when I would normally be off somewhere earning money instead) over about 6 weeks. The shelf came by UPS and when I called to get it installed I was told I would have to install the missing shelf myself that their customer service did not cover installing shelves, even if it was because the shelf was missing when the furniture was delivered. Three months after the purchase, a glide rail fell apart and the keyboard drawer won't move, creating an awkward ergonomic situation and no access to the table drawer blocked by the non-closing drawer. Waited 3 1/2 weeks for a "technician" to "look at it" and "see if they need to order parts" but that was now just rescheduled for a week. No crap: Last Tuesday I had an offer to earn $3000 giving a talk in southern California This morning but I turned it down for one reason, this Ashley appointment so I could get this part ordered to fix my computer desk where I work when at home. I agree with other posts, once they have your money, don't count on reasonable service. My wife bought less ornate and less expensive office furniture at another store 2 years ago. It offgased for about 2 to 3 weeks then was ok. All her items arrived fine and have never had any problem with any of that furniture. I would never buy again from Ashley Furniture. I would recommend people shop there at their own risk because there are too many complaints like this posted online from Ashley Furniture Stores across the US.

a7207bec, 2010-02-04, 02:51PM CST

Sorry this happened . hubby and I ordered entertainment center we wanted for New Years Eve and it was delivered as promised on time.

we ordered a beautiful diningroom set last week and it was delived as promised yesterday.

I guess we have been lucky after reading your complaint.

cbedfd7b, 2010-07-11, 12:56PM CDT

We did not have a problem with delivery,

but the quality of our living room is

awful. The craftmanship is poor,we had

the set for 1 year and when you sit on it it feels like you had it for 15 years. Called to let them know and their

reply was like a OH Well.

We Will Never Again Buy From Ashley Furniture!!!!

96f63eba, 2010-08-23, 06:38PM CDT

Do not buy Ashley they do this to the customer all the time once they get your money they will screw you over.

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