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Posted on Monday, February 12th, 2007 at 8:28pm CST by ce4ab5f7

Company: Worldwide Moving Systems

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I am filing this complaint against Worldwide Moving Systems of Plantation, FL. They have outright stolen over $35,000 of furniture, artwork and a rug. After my Mother-in-law died unexpectedly last summer, we needed to move the household goods out of her house once it was sold. We arranged to use Worldwide Moving Systems. The timeline went as follows:

11/22/07- Driver was supposed to arrive between 8-11am, arrived at 4:30pm. Paid $4000 by check. Was never given inventory of items or sent receipt. Requested twice. The house was left an absolute mess. There was trash and cigarette butts all over. The water was turned off in the house and we asked them not to use the bathrooms because the toilets could not flush. This was ignored. There were deep scratches on the floors and walls. It cost me $300 to have the house cleaned/ repaired. I called the office to complain. They said to “file a claim”. Little did I know I would hear this a lot.

1/2/07- Faxed damage report of Virginia house and requested delivery on 1/20. No response.

1/5/07- Sent email, asking if fax was received and confirming delivery date. No response

1/9/07- Called to confirm delivery date- was told delivery would be w/in 10 business days of 1/20 (even though contract says 14 days)

1/17-19- Called daily to try to confirm delivery date. Was finally told it would be the following week.

1/22- 1/27- Called daily to try to confirm delivery date. Was told it would be the following week.

1/28- Confirmed that delivery would be 1/29.

1/29- Delivered some of the items (see below)- Pd $4452 by certified check.

*When they delivered the goods they did not give me the inventory sheets until the end, so I did not know how many things were missing. Also, many of the boxes did not have stickers on them, so I could not check vs. the inventory. Anything that had legs on it was broken- literally. 4 tables, one sofa, one jewelry stand all arrived with broken limbs. I told them I thought we were missing boxes and I knew we were missing at least one rug. They told me just to sign the inventory. I was told that was all that was in the truck and I should call the office. We have paid $8452 to date.

Once we unpacked, we realized just how much was missing. We are missing 33 of 91 boxes, along with 3 tables, an oriental rug, vacuum cleaner, crystal glasses, china, and 10 irreplaceable paintings. Both of my husband’s parents have passed away (he is only 35)- he is an only child and the artwork was of great sentimental value. I called and reported what we were missing. No one really seemed worried, nor were they in any hurry to find our goods. Two weeks after the original delivery, I had to call them to find out that the items were not in the warehouse and that I should “file a claim”.

How do you lose 31 boxes??? One or two, ok- sloppy work, but ok. Shahaf, the owner, can’t even begin to give me an explanation. Don’t they at least count the boxes coming off and going back onto the truck?? That seems elementary to me. Honestly, I think these items were stolen. I talked to the storage facility they said my items were in and there have been no thefts there. This was an inside job. I am going to pursue this with all my energy. This company is not honest and I would caution everyone to avoid them.

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c458eec9, 2008-10-11, 01:02PM CDT

My so called Brother..I no longer claim him..used to work for a moving company..I forget the name, but it was a big company! He would sit and talk about how the movers would go through the customers belongings picking and choosing what they wanted then they would deliver the furniture messed up because they figured the customer would be too busy dealing with the broken furniture to realize things were missing until it was too late..what turned me against him was how he would brag about his involvement in those thefts I was only 13 at the time, but his total disregard for the feelings of the people he was stealing from helped me to see his true colors..his reasoning was they were "wealthy they could afford it"..he stole a small tv, some antique furniture, records and tapes (yes, this was awhile ago) and a stereo other things I can't recall..he actually bragged about how much he took prior to his quitting his job to become a truck driver..he admitted he fenced alot of what he stole to buy drugs and even helped rob a liquer store for drug money..sadly he never spent a day in jail because the Police would either overloook his crimes or he just didn't get caught..To this day I have nothing to do with him, but thanks to his actions I now do my own moving..strangers NEVER touch my belongings!!

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